Winter Themed Poems

by Brooke


Cold on the outside
While always warm on the inside
Winter’s wind saves us


Ode: To Cold Weather,
When we feel the sun power’s wrath
I can always look forward to the cold’s frost
Cold weather belittles the guilty feeling
Of staying inside and watching a movie
Since the road is blocked with snow
The wintry air gives meaning
To wear warm gloves, hats, and scarves
The bulkiness of clothes
Even makes it acceptable to eat more
People who value food, value winter
The crispness sharpens my eyes
The darkness makes everything seem brighter
The contrast between blackness and decorative lights
Is very appealing to all
Winter is not here to stay, but it always comes back


The spirit was eager and strong
It helped; never did any wrong
The spirit shined through one’s eyes
Tattooed hearts, making anyone arise
Once uplifting and cheery
Is now dark and dreary
It gave everyone hope
Now we all just have to cope
Soon the spirit grew weak and old
Then, the aura faded and got cold
Everyone blinded and the ink was erased
The only feelings people have now, is distaste


Inside the house around holiday time
Is amazing while bittersweet; it’s only for part-time
The scent of peppermint and ginger bread
Takes over the house, it’ known but unsaid
Bells are heard whenever the door opens and closes
The Christmas trees are always in the same poses
The flames from the fire greet friends to be warm
Even after walking in from the ice storm


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