Bottle Cap Drive a Success for RFH Environmental Club

by Devin


Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School is known for the charities that it supports every year for different companies, fundraisers, and others. This year one of the fundraisers led by the Environmental Club was the Bottle Cap Drive. Jessie Yorke, Torri Hutner, and Meghan Drastal are all junior officers who went above and beyond with this charity. Mrs. Pagano, as well as Mrs. Laviola, both science teachers at RFH, are the advisors of the club. The two teachers and all their pupils in the club have a goal.

This goal is met by the club always following their mission statement: “Actively engage in efforts to promote awareness about environmental issues and foster good stewardship practices within our  school and community.”

This fundraiser was established to raise money for a young man who recycles the bottle caps to support diabetes research. Each lunch was assigned a bin in the cafeteria, and for 2 weeks, each period was meant to collect as many bottle caps as possible.  The lunch period that collected the most caps received free cookies on Friday March 2nd.

After the drive’s final day, the winning lunch was 5th period.  The members of the Environmental Club felt that the drive was a success, and were happy to assist in diabetes research and funding.


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