Perspectives: Spring Break

by Megan


Daughter of the “We only vacation during winter break” family:

At first I thought it would be great. I clearly remember there being plenty of people home during spring break last year; I didn’t make plans to do anything and I felt like my agenda was booked the entire week we had off. But this year is different for some reason. This town was deserted. I haven’t gotten one text since school ended on Friday. If I ask my mom to do anything, she just tells me to get ahead on some schoolwork, or help her with some Easter preparations. Instead, I’ve been watching One Tree Hill reruns while stuffing my face with stale peeps and chocolate bunny heads.  Boring.


Hold the autographs, hold the paparazzi, I’ll take my award for Best Mom of the Year later. I love my kids to death, and they’ve deserved a vacation for so long. I planned this one all by myself, and they are LOVING DISNEY WORLD. Owen is in a fantasy, running around and doing his own thing. He absolutely loves all of the costumes and characters and everything about the park. And I’m sure Veronica is loving it too; she’s just always been quiet…

Vacationing Teenage daughter:

Do you think she realizes how hard my life is? Does she have any form of sympathy for a teenage girl at all? She doesn’t know me or my life. All my friends have been texting me non-stop about every single thing I’m missing, and what does mom do? Take my phone away. I mean, I guess that only makes sense, because a phone isn’t for, like, talking to your friends in your time of need or, like, snapping a pick of me when I jump off of Splash Mountain. But like, literally, if I hear one more princess voice or see one more fake Minnie mouse head getting up into my personal space, I might rip my eyeballs out. It might be a better experience than this trip…

Mickey Mouse:


This head weighs a ton and a half and I don’t know how many more screaming five-year-olds will want my autograph when I sweat through a mouse suit. They need to install ventilation in these ears or something; I think I might drown in my own perspiration.  Somebody tell me who thought it would be a great idea to pay people to put on thermal, fictional-character costumes in one of the most crowded places in the world in 93º weather. Seriously, I want to know who so they can hear my opinion on the matter. My mom warned me about this. She always told me that this would be my future if I didn’t get my math grade up. But this job doesn’t seem this bad, does it? Hold on, I would tell you, but there is another hysterical brat to deal with. Another day at the office…


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