RFH Honors Mrs. Fitzgerald as Teacher of the Year

by Brooke


An important quality of Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School is its highly qualified and exceptional staff. RFH recently decided on the winner of the Teacher of the Year Award. The well-deserved winner of this year was Mrs. Fitzgerald, one of its social studies teachers.

There is a process when deciding Teacher of the Year.  Students, teachers, staff, and community members can nominate teachers and submit a statement listing their positive qualities.  Then, a committee comprised of students and staff select a winner from a point-scale. 

Mrs. Fitzgerald was very surprised; the principal along with other faculty members told her she won right before they announced it over the loud speaker. She was delighted to receive such an honor.

“Everyone in my class and in the hallways were congratulating me,” Mrs. Fitzgerald explained.  The praise and support of students shows that the hardworking teachers at RFH are doing a good and important job.

Mrs. Fitzgerald went to Malboro High School in New Jersey. She did not seriously decide that she wanted to be a teacher until graduate school; however, when she was little she wanted to be a teacher. In college she was thinking about being a lawyer, but the classes she took allowed her to realize she did not want to pursue that career path and profession. She became a teacher by working at RFH and working with a mentor teacher. The experience helped her develop and grow as an educator.

 “Teaching cannot be taught in a class. It comes with experience among the years,” she added.

This year is Mrs. Fitzgerald’s seventh year teaching history. She teaches a variety of classes, but specializes in an elective titled “The Sixties.”  Other than teaching, she is the junior class advisor and cheerleading coach.

Mrs. Fitzgerald’s favorite aspect of teaching is getting to know her students and helping them. Not only does she want them to do well in school, but she also wants them to make the right choices later in life.

Mrs. Fitzgerald was thrilled when she won teacher of the year because it is nice to get acknowleged for the hard work that all teachers do every day. Also, she believes many staff members should win the award because of how hardworking and accomplished everyone is.  She believes that RFH has the best staff with students who are supportive and maintain school spirit.


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