Weird NJ: Whipporwill Valley Road

by Brooke


Most people would think of New Jersey as a small state close to New York. Other people think of the Jersey Shore and obnoxious dancing/fist-pumping.  However, New Jersey contains many legends that everyone may or may not be aware of.  New Jersey has a myriad of paranormal roads and houses that are identified on a website called

Whipporwill Valley Road

Middletown is a town in New Jersey located near Red Bank and Atlantic Highlands. It is more of a farming area with woods. Whipporwill Valley Road is a dirt road in the woods of Middletown. It is connects with the dirt road called Cooper.

Many tales revolve aound these dirt roads. It started in the 1700’s when witches were accused of living there. Eventually, these women were killed.   However, just before their deathes, the “witches” apparently put hexes on the farmers. All of the farmers died within ten months after the witches.

The whole atmosphere of Whipporwill is frightening. There are trees in the woods that say, “I see you” or “watch out.”  There is even one tree that take on a human shape.  On Cooper Road a series of chickens, lambs, and other animals have been found that were sacrificed by the witches.

Another legend pertains to Cry Baby Bridge. The legend is that a baby died under the bridge on Whipporwill. Some stories say that the mother of the child was responsible. The legend is if one drives to the bridge at night, a baby cry can be heard. Also, if one turns off the car, it will not start back up.

The street has also been known for bazaar accidents. In 2006, Nello Caizza lived on 160 Whipporwill Valley Road. He was found dead in the winter in pool water. Police said that he accidently driven his tractor into the pool; however, other people think differently since he worked at his residence for twenty years.

Also, Fred Lazzati was a worker for Middletown Public Works. His Co-workers found his body on the dirt road.  The police claimed he had a heart attack. There have been countless other accidents  on the road, many involving motor vehicles.

I explored the dirt road and did not have any paranormal experiences. The atmosphere was eerie and it was easy to see how such legends are associated with it. I passed all the trees that had weird sayings carved into them. There was even and old tree house that looked abandoned; however, no one seems to want to tear it down. I’m not sure if I believe all the myths about the road, but I am certain that going down the road at night could give anyone the chills.

Some think the street is haunted while others think it is a normal dirt road. Go to the Whipporwill Bridge at one in the morning and you can see for yourself. With out a doubt, no matter if the legends are true or false, driving down the street at night is scary. But go ahead and find out for yourself–I dare you!




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