A Fractured Fairytale: ‘The Truth of a Lie’

Student Submission


Once upon a time in a far away land, lived a girl. She had beautiful blonde locks and lived with her step sisters and step mother.  I bet you already know who I am talking about.  Come on her name starts with a “C” and ends with an “a”.  It’s Cruella. No, that’s not what you were thinking?  Shocker.  It’s probably because you feel like you’ve heard this story before, don’t worry I’m not trying to give you a bad case of de ja vu.  I’m just trying to set the facts straight. You see, I’m one of Cruella’s step sisters.  We live in a beautiful land with crystal clear waters and perfectly green grass everywhere you walk.  This place looks perfect from the outside but little do most know the lies that lurk the inside.  Maybe I should just start at the beginning.

My hard-working mother has been taking care of Cruella ever since she was a little girl, but she was never good at getting along with others.  She always played tricks on me and my sister.  Whenever we offered to introduce her to our friends she made fun called us.  She was always lying to us and making us do her chores and bossing us around, thinking she could have complete control over us if she really wanted to.

Cruella had a thing about pretending she was something she’s not.  She wanted people’s attention, good or bad.  She lied so much that she didn’t even know when she was telling the truth.  One day she took all the rags she could find around the house and went up to the attic with a broom stick and started singing to animals.  I swear the girl was going crazy up there.

“Cruella?” I asked from the top of the stairs “Mom wants to know if you want to come down for dinner.”

“I’m busy here, Lucinda.  Can’t you see that?” She snapped back.

“All right, well I’ll save you some.”  I decided.

“My dear, Lucinda, will you ever learn.  That when I do not want something I do not care to receive it, and when I do decide I want something, trust me, I will get it.”  I backed away slowly down the stairs after hearing that.

Yes, I know what you’ve heard; that Cruella went to a ball in a pumpkin carriage.   Wearing a beautiful gown, which she received from a fairy godmother, fell in love with a prince, and left her poor little glass shoe on the steps.  That may have happened but did she tell you that the reason she received that fairy godmother was because she practiced these spells creating her? She carved the pumpkin herself, and slipped out of that shoe all on her own; manipulating the prince to come after her.

Don’t worry this story turns into one with a happy ending.  Once I explained all of this to Prince Charming he was completely shocked and that naïve fool came running to me for comfort where we lived happily ever after, see every fairytale has a happy ending and don’t worry  Cinderella, I mean, forget it, maybe I am the evil one.

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