An Ever-Changing Environment: RFH School Rules

by Megan


Rules are the foundation of any school atmosphere. They influence many aspects, such as student interaction, hygiene, and the learning environment. Rules are always changing to make these areas stronger, especially at Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School. RFH’s school rules have gradually changed over the years, and there were many new ones instituted in the 2011-2012 academic year. Here are a few examples:


The elevator  was a new addition this 2011-2012 school year.  It is located between the science wing and the math and foreign language portions of the school.  It was originally put in place to transport students that had any sort of disability or injury that prevented them from walking up or down the stairs. In years past, if there was a student or teacher that couldn’t use the stairs for whatever reason, the solution was to move all of their classes to the first floor. The addition of the elevator is a big help to both the individual student, as well as their classmates and teachers.

-No Food in Class:

This new rule sparked much dissatisfaction among the student body. It was instituted this past September, and mandated that students could have no food or drink (except water) in the classroom.  This rule was not introduced because teachers had students trying to finish their Power-Bars in the morning, or their Snapples after lunch.  Rather, teachers had students bringing full breakfast sandwiches to first period, and bagged lunches later in the day. Not only did these issues cause distractions, but allergies also became an issue. As discussed in a previous article covering this story, (click here) things like exposure to a food one has a allergy to can lead to serious side effects among students. For these reasons, the ‘no-food-in-class’ rule was instituted. Many have different opinions on the matter. For most coffee drinkers, the rule took a while to get used to. However, we can rest assured that food allergies will not be a problem in the classroom. 

-Phones in the Cafeteria

In case you haven’t heard already (or seen it on Twitter), cell phones are now permitted in the RFH cafeteria! This rule was instituted half way through the school year, and many are wondering if it will continue into next school year. The original purpose was to allow the students time to get the use of their phones out of their systems, and make them less apt to want to use them at other points of the day. However, many believe that the privilege of cell phone use during one period of the day makes the students then want to use them when walking to their next class, then in their next class, and so on.  The jury is still out on this one, so we will have to see what next year brings to the table.

-Planners as Passes:

Also, an old rule, the use of your school planner as a pass, seems less effective.  I’m sure the idea of planner use to leave class seemed inventive at the time. However, after being in effect for a while, their use is definitely becoming ineffective.  The original purpose of this rule was to simulate passes to leave the classroom, whether it was for the bathroom, locker, nurse, etc. This made all passes uniform rather than different and sometimes questionable.  But now, a student roaming the hallways in the middle of a period with no planner rarely gets a second glance. This definitely shows that not all rules may succeed, but they are all necessary for the growth and environment in any school.


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