Creative Contributions

by various RFH student writers


Flash Fiction

He was always in love with her. She taught he was charming. Their first date was a disaster; he knew he blew it. After weeks of not talking, he finally got the courage to talk to her. “Sarah, I’m sorry about our date.” Before she could reply, he kissed her. Sarah’s twin sister smiled.


The Prison Break
John broke the last piece of wall in his prison cell, and jumped through it, and landed on the ground, and burrowed under the barb wire fence, and sprinted past the spotlights and sirens, and hijacked a car and drove to the next state. It was the longest sentence he ever endured.


What the hell?
He never really knew his father that well; he was only a young boy when he died. It was about time for a reunion though. The man’s silhouette slowly appeared in his vision.
“Welcome, son.”
“Is this, is this heaven?”
He remembered his dad was a lawyer. Crap.


The colors reminded him of her eyes, her hair, her everything. Who knew a museum gave him so much pleasure. The painting as magnificent as it was; could not compare to her. She was his sun; the painting was only a flame. But she was out of his reach behind red rope, like the painting.


The meat was juicy and tender. He licked his fingers clean after each bite he tore from the bone. The urge he needed to suppress; his wife wouldn’t let him do it. Feeling full, he threw the leg down on the countertop. His wife came in.
“Honey, where’s Michael? He’s not in his crib.”



Ode to the Sky
The colors that fill you, fill me with delight
You are a canvas of colors, a captivating sight
The colors you possess, entrances my eyes
You’ve got a clear blue painted on you
And sometimes your pink, orange, and purple too
I love to stare at you either in the morning or near the night
Sunrise and sunset you are always such a pretty sight
Oh sky, I have no idea what I’d do,
If I couldn’t at least spend a minute taking a glance at you
When I look up and see you, the wonderful sky,
I take a picture and some wonder why
But every day you look a little different to me
The clouds that span across you
Are amazing to see
A life without a sky
Would be a boring life indeed.

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