How Sweet It Is: The First Paycheck

by Kaitlin


Ahhhhh the sweet smell of your first paycheck.

When you were younger you worked for maybe five or ten dollars just doing chores like cutting the lawn or shoveling snow out of the driveway. Now you’re old enough to get a more significant paycheck. You are one step closer to adulthood, and with that comes the responsibility of a real job.

There are several restrictions on the amount of work you can do while you’re a minor.  You can only work a certain amount of hours. . And the hours cannot interfere with school. Documents are required for a minor to get a job in certain states within the US. The papers usually require the employer and parent’s consent, so show that they agree to the terms of work laid out by the employer.

Certain dangerous jobs are not applicable to minors. You may work no more than 6 consecutive days and may not work more than 5 hours continuously without at least a 30-minute meal break. Other hours may apply for types of jobs, for work in factories, for newspaper carriers, or for theatrical employment.

Now that you know some of the rules, go out there and get a job, and good luck!




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