OBE’s: Something to Experience

by Brooke


Most people think that it is impossible for an individual to be in two places at once.  And in most cases, unless involving magicians with tricks up their sleeves, that’s true.

However, out of body experiences (OBE’s) should be taken into consideration. An OBE relates to astral projection, which is an intentional out of body experience and allows one to remain in two places at once. It is the act of separating the astral body, or consciousness, from the physical body and its journey into the universe. An OBE occurs by accident such is when one is dreaming or has a near-death experience. The main idea pertaining to both of these topics is that your spirit can venture other places while your body is at rest.

When astral projection occurs, one’s spirit travels in a world called the astral plane. Robert Bruce, an expert about astral projection topics, used to accidently have out of body experiences when he was a teenager. He grew up to be a mystic, a healer, an author, a workshop facilitator, and an analyst on out of body experiences. He wrote a book called Astral Dynamics, which is an encyclopedia on how to have out of body experiences. Bruce explains astral projections as very visual concepts where one can see their own spirit leaving the body.

Although astral projections seem unrealistic and difficult to attempt, Bruce explains all of the ideas and lessons adequately. Training your body to have one of these experiences is challenging at first. You have to train your mind to remember the travel and recall how to stay calm and not get scared during the change. An interesting concept in the astral plane is that when your spirit leaves your body there are no legs; essentially you float around. Many people believe that astral projections are more common for people who have physic abilities.

An artist’s depiction of astral projection

I have my own doubts about astral projection, but hearing this story from my own mother made me less skeptical. She told me she used to date a man who ended up going over seas. She went to sleep one time and found herself at rest while her spirit lingered. Her spirit traveled through the astral plane and ended up at the boyfriend’s house new house over seas. He told her, “You can’t believe this. I can’t wait to tell you…” and went on to tell her a story. My mother told her friends about her intriguing phenomenon. Soon enough, a letter came from her boyfriend and the first sentences were the exactly the same as her OBE. Her friends and she were all astonished.

Her experience brings up the topic of spying in the astral plane. One certainly can spy on people when they are projecting, which is bizarre while intriguing to think about. Also, it is estimated that around thirty million people in the United States use astral projection. It is still not proven one hundred percent true because skeptics think it is just a mental state explained by complex chemical reactions, an autoscopic hallucination, or lack of oxygen to the brain. There have been reports that people have seen others while having an OBE, which makes it less likely only a trick on the mind.

The spiritual adventure sounds unique and exciting, but people should be carefully consider their motives for attempting to have one of these experiences. Experts on astral projection explain that generally people trying it out just to see if the concept is real will not have satisfying results. If you have the right reasons this could be an interesting yet challenging project.




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