RFH Dress Drive Helps Those in Need

by Megan


Imagine not being able to buy a dress for prom. It’s a more common problem than you may think.  This spring, the RFH community came together to orchestrate a Dress Drive, in which gently used dresses of all kinds were collected to help the less fortunate in our area.

This is not an annual fundraiser, however. When ideas like that of the dress drive are thought of by a community member or a student, they must find connections to the cause, then approach someone in the RFH community for a sponsoring club. In this fundraiser’s case, everything was being sponsored and organized by the Student Government, advised by Ms. Maglione.

The idea this year was to collect dresses in good condition and supply them to underpriveledged local kids. The idea was proposed by a parent in the Rumson-Fair Haven community who works at a middle school in Asbury Park.  She contacted the RFH SGA in hopes that it would get involved. The idea took off and ran until April 27th. The SGA set up two boxes marked in the main office and lower library for drop offs. Any dresses from semi casual to formal in good condition were accepted.

For further information, contact either Mrs. Maglione, or any of the following members of the SGA staff: Holly Oberle (president), Kate Kostecky (VP), Brooke Gibbens (treasurer), or Keeley Ffrench (secretary).


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