RFH Hosts 2nd Annual Save the Music Concert

by Devan


Rumson Fair Haven Regional High school hosted its 2nd annual Save the Music concert this May in the auditorium, raising money for school music programs across the country. Mrs. Maglione, a Spanish teacher and advisor of Student Government Association (SGA), helped to organize this very successful fundraiser and event.

The SGA always has different ways to raise money for different charities and fundraisers. The SGA hosted the annual talent show to raise money for the Michael J. Fox foundation and St. Jude’s Hospital. Recently the SGA hosted the Save the Music concert featuring students from the school to perform and raise awareness for this cause.

In this fundraiser, musicians of all sorts were able to perform in front of their peers, teachers, and communiy members in a concert that recognized music’s educational value.  A few students involved with this program included Ben Sherman (junior) and Glenn Wise (sophomore) who wanted to surpass last year’s fundraising goal of around $3,000. This year, however, RFH just barely fell short. The final amount of the fundraiser collected $2,031. Other acts included Josh Reed (junior), who performed a medley including “Someone Like You” by Adele. Maris Krauss (junior) performed “Story of Us” by Taylor Swift.

 Founded in 1997 as a public affairs initiative, the VH1 network created the Save The Music Foundation. The mission of this foundation is to restore instrumental music education program reassuring that every child has access to a complete knowledge of the benefits of music. Executive Vice President and General Manager of VH1 Tom Calderone is the current chairman of the Foundations Board of Directors. Inspiration for the foundation came from John Skyes’ volunteer experience as Principal for a Day at a Brooklyn, New York public school. During his duty at the school he saw first-hand how the students were conflicted with having old instruments opposed to new or restored ones.

The foundation provides grants up to $30,000 worth of new musical instruments to each public elementary school and middle school. Schools usually apply for the program that best suits their needs meaning that they could apply for a keyboard lab, guitar lab or band. No matter which package is picked the same amount of instruments are donated to the school.


Picture: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-2fPuDTc67ic/TiC3_ffhURI/AAAAAAAAEHI/CCiaqYm59VM/s1600/Save-The-Music.gif


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