Table of Contents: 2011-2012 4th Edition


Take a load off; it’s summer!

Thank you, dear readers, for another year!  This year’s staff would like you to enjoy the summer, and wishes next year’s class the best of luck!  Until then, and as always, happy reading!


Miss Howard


Culture at Large
Creative Contributors
A Fractured Fairytale: ‘The Truth of a Lie
Weird New Jersey: The Marlboro Haunted Mental Hospital by Brooke
AP Tests: May Stress by Alexandra
What Has Happened to Our World? by Alexandra
How Sweet It Is: The First Paycheck by Kaitlin

Paint the Town Pink 2012 by Megan
Talent Show Aims to Please and Succeeds by Brooke
RFH Hosts 2nd Annual Save the Music Concert by Devan
The 2012 Masters: A Hole in One by Devan
RFH Book Drive: Helping a World Without Literature by Alexandra
RFH Dress Drive Helps Those in Need by Megan

CD Review: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros by David
The Magical Pottermore by Madeline
The 2012 Billboard Music Awards by Devan

Old Rumson Homes: Keeping the Town’s Beauty by Alexandra
Review: ‘The Raven’ by Brooke
An Ever-Changing Environment: RFH School Rules by Megan
OBE’s: Something to Experience by Brooke
The Problem with Whaling by Kaitlin

The Final Word
Perspectives Part III: Last Day of School by Megan
An Open Letter to Pollen by Doug
The Fairies: An Original Fairy Tale by Kaitlin




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