Talent Show Aims to Please and Succeeds

 by Brooke


Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School’s Student Government Association hosted its annual Talent Show on Thursday April 12th, raising over $4,000 benefiting St. Jude’s Foundation and The Michael J. Fox Foundation. Mrs. Maglione helped organize the talent show with David Hiles and Tessa Liberi as the hosts.

The audience always enjoys the performances, since tremendous skills are presented. Students get to see their own peers sing, dance, play instruments, and more. The talent show is also very special because the RFH staff  performs. Another interesting aspect of the talent show is that there are judges. This year, Mr. Beatty (history teacher), Ms. Lerner (English and psychology teacher) and Morgan McCauley (RFH senior) gave commentary to the performers after the acts.  These intriguing acts made the 2012 talent show successful and entertaining.

singer/songwriter Maris Krauss

The first place winners were Michael Nociolo, Kate Incremona, Ben Sherman, and Andre Enhrlich performing “Benny and the Jets” by Elton John. The group deserved the first place award because of their talented instrumental skills along with the singing by Incemona. It was an enticing recreation of the original “Benny and the Jets.”

The second place winner pertained to a dance performance with Nija McQueen.  McQueen danced to a dubstep remix called “Crave You” by Flight Facilities. The dance consisted of edgy ballet and intense positioning. It was extremely captivating and the moves looked very difficult.

Catherine Zimel and Clare Fitzgerald took third place performing “One” by U2 and Mary J. Blige. Zimel and Fitzgerald both sang as Zimel played the guitar. The duet was a nice melody that was harmonic and engaging.

Also, teachers performed in the show. Mr. Ignar, Rumson Fair Haven Regional’s quirky and loved substitute, read five of his original poems. They were all deep and kept the audience tuned in. On a lighter note, several teachers adapted their own version of a popular rap song and performed in front of their own students. Not only does it take guts to perform on the stage of their school, the raps were hilarious. Mr. Emmich (history teacher) played the guitar and sang to “A Lack of Color” by Death Cab for Cutie along with student Jack Maris.

RFH’s talent show was successful because all of the acts demonstrated talent and hard work. From raps, to poems, to dances, to instruments and singing, the show was entertaining and considered a fun night. The performances were for a good cause because of the money donated the Parkinson’s disease. It was a nice way to help a good cause outside of the school.


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