The 2012 Masters: A Hole in One

by Devan


Starting in 1937, the Green Jacket worn by members of Augusta National is one of golf’s most coveted items of clothing. Originating from Brooks Uniform in New York City, the jacket is worn by winners of the Masters Tournament. The winner is allowed to take home the jacket for the first year but then must return it to the Augusta National so they can wear it when they visit to play. It is a tradition that the previous winner will give the coat to the new winner. For example the 2011 winner Charl Schwaztel from South Africa gave the coat to Bubba Watson, the 2012 winner of the Masters Tournament.

During this year’s final round the 3-time winner Phil Mikelson was in between the two competitors Bubba Watson and Louis Osthuizen.  These two had to face off in the sudden death match at hole 18.  Here they both missed putts, continuing them onto the 10th hole.  Only here did Bubba Watson seal victory of the 2012 Masters Tournament.

Watson receives his coveted jacket

Osthuizen started out hole 10 with a fantastic shot landing him on the edge of the rough but still in great shape facing the green. On the other hand, Watson shot himself into the woods and  followed up with a shot through a crowd of people landing directly on the green. Right after Ostuizen shot his ball just short of the green, leaving him to a disadvantage to Watson.

The history of the Masters has many interesting aspects.  One aspect in recent years is the rise of Tiger Woods. Growing up middle class as an African American golfer was hard because of the color barrier. On the 21st of April in 1997 Woods became well known for the humiliation he graced upon some of the world’s greatest golf players. Woods shot 18 under par, the lowest score even in tournament history.




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