The Fairies: An Original Fairy Tale

by Kaitlin


nce upon a time there was a water fairy named Silvermist. She was part of the water fairy tribe that had the ability to control water and talk to marine life. The fairies were broken up into tribes, such as the fire fairy tribe, the earth fairy tribe, and lastly the air fairies tribe. Right now the water and fire fairy tribes were feuding.

Silvermist hated this feud not only because she hated when their tribes fought but because she had fallen in love with a fire fairy her age and they couldn’t be together because of the feuding. She really liked him, and it drove her crazy that every time they tried to contact each other they would get caught, or the tribes would start more feuding again. She thought he was so cute with his blonde hair, blue eyes, and sweet personality. He was not like the other fire fairies.

It was a cold rainy morning; Silvermist had waited all week for this moment.  She was going to ask Terence out on a date. They both knew how they felt for each other, but they had not just acted on it till now because of the feuding between the tribes. But the feuding had calmed down and they knew this was their chance to be together.

When Silvermist was sneaking out to see him she was caught by Periwinkle, a member of the friendly part of the air tribe. They had been best friends since they were fairies in diapers. Her friend always liked to tease her, never giving her a rest about Terence.  But she knew that she could not for that matter nobody could keep them apart.

So Silvermist went on her hunt for Terence they both were searching so hard that they had run into each other. They have been waiting for this moment forever. Right as they were about to kiss, their families tore them apart.

They were forbidden to ever see each other ever again. They fought and fought, trying to get together. The water fairy tribe knew she would try again and he would too. No matter what the families did they knew that nothing would keep them apart. But the families would not give up.

Because of this, they knew one of them had to die. So they took Terence and slipped him poison and put him in a sacred tomb.

But when Silvermist found out she didn’t believe it in till she found him dead in a stone rock tomb she cried and cried she knew she could go on without him he was her life. So she took the dagger that was buried with him and drove it through her heart so that they could be together forever. 





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