“A Christmas Carol:” A Play of Many Parts

by Billy


On both December 1st and 2nd, a play called A Christmas Carol was performed in the RFH auditorium. The Tower Players, which is the RFH theatre club, consists of many talented actors and actresses who are determined to entertain. Throughout two acts, the Tower Players guided the audience through a story of redemption and generosity. Students who managed not to lose their SGA cards were able to present them to the admissions staff, who would then permit the student to enter free of charge. If you were not an SGA card carrier, however, then a small fee was requested of you upon your arrival.

DSC_0407Those who attended the performance witnessed the impressive feats that were accomplished bya number of groups who pooled their recources. For example, the setting of the play took place in a small English town, with Christmas rapidly approaching. Unfortunately, a place where one can find pre-made sets does not exist, so Mr. Pagano and his band of student architects worked diligently to provide one. The costume making process followed a similar procedure, as Mrs. Malik led a separate flock of students who created the mid-19th century wardrobes for the actors. The production would not have succeeded if either of these parties had failed to fulfill their obligations.

Another essential piece of the production presented itself in a more subtle form. Though the costumes and set ensnared the attention of the audience, it is paramount to aknoweldge the technical aspects of the play that made it all possile. Without the lighting and sound systems, the viewers would neither hear nor see the actors. Light and sound are conrolled in a room that resides in the rear of the auditorium facing the stage, behind the stadium styled seating . The equipment in the room was manned by students, not hired professionals. Sometimes it easy to forget the men behind the tinted glass window of the tech room, but the roaring applause was delivered with them in mind. 

A Christmas Carol Tech CrewLet us also remember the stage crew, who adeptly maneuvered about the stage, moving set and curtains alike. The group was clearly well instructed, considering the changes in set were performed quite fluidly. If the play were not performed in a high school, the audience would have believed that the stage crew was comprised of older professionals on a pay roll.

The actors themselves were directed by English teacher, Mrs. Sweeney. Mrs. Sweeney has been involved in the drama club for a number of years, and can be considered a seasoned veteran. Under her supervision, various actors and actresses were united by a common cause. They practiced after school every Monday and Thursday, throughout September, October, and November.

     If you missed A Christmas Carol, do not despair. The Tower Players will be performing other productions, including this sprint’s Aida, and I urge you to check them out. You will not be dissapointed.


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