Freshman Year: A New Year, A New You

by Lauren


On Friday October 5th, the freshman class of 2016 participated in a welcome party in the RFH cafeteria.  The party was from 7:00 – 9:30pm and featured sophomore DJ, Glen Wise. It was a good time with abundant of food and great prizes. The parents of the freshman class provided both the food and prizes. Some of the prizes included gift cards for iTunes and Brennan’s, four movie tickets, and an IPod Nano.

DJ Glen Wise played lots of great songs such as popular band One Direction’s “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful,” all of which was slightly lost over the chatter among the students. A $3 admission was collected, a great way for the freshman class to raise a little money.  There was dancing and smiling faces all around.  The freshman also played games such as a dance competition: duck duck goose and a lip syncing contest. The party was a true success, and a great way to kick of the start of the year.

Before the event had taken place, a hopeful Mrs. Higgins, the Class of 2016’s class advisor, expressed that she thought the welcome party would have a great turn out. She seemed so confident that this year’s party would be a success. She then looked back to her first freshman party she put together, which was on the coldest night of January.  Only 10 people came, all of which were shivering due to the freezing weather.  Since then the freshman party has grown and had more attendees each year.

Mrs. Higgins suggested that all freshmen should go to their year’s freshman welcome party. She says that it’s a great way to meet all your new classmates.  The RFH student population pulls from 5 different districts and you can really bond all together.  The welcome party has been a RFH tradition for years. It started because of law, because schools are required to have an introduction gathering for freshman, but now has become a key event in the freshman’s first year of high school.

Mrs. Higgins will be the 2016 class’s advisor for the next 4 years. She had to apply and be chosen over all the other applicants. Mrs. Higgins has been a class advisor before, and could not wait to do it again.  If each year goes as wells as the party did, the class for 2016 is in for a real fun high school experience.

There are many other events that freshmen have to look forward to. In November, student council elections were held, followed by the holiday plant sale and a bracelet sale that may be held sometime this year.

Mr. Lippart is the freshman guidance counselor and he is there to help and assist freshman students with any problems or concerns. His office can be found on the second floor in the guidance office. His door is also right open to the freshman hallway. Mr. Lippart has an open door policy for all students.

I started by asking Mr. Lippart what he thought of the freshman class. He replied, “One distinguishing factor I can see in this year’s class compared to years prior is that a vast majority of the students seem very polite.”  Then I talked to him about fun things for freshmen to do and get involved with this year. Mr. Lippart very enthusiastically replied, “High School!” He then said that this is the time for all students to discover who they are and who they want to be in years to come. With meeting new people and experiencing new things, students become more successful than they ever thought possible.

I then asked about the “must do’s” for freshman. Mr. Lippart gave great advice, stating that freshmen should stay on top of their assignments. He believes that it is our job as students to follow through on our responsibilities.  Each person needs to be “pro-active” because high school is not the same as middle school and if you don’t manage your time and assignments you will not receive the same leniency as you once would. Instead of asking your parents to take care of their problem right away, Mr. Lippart says to try and take care of the problem yourself first. This way you become accustom to handling problems, which you will need to know how to do later in life.

His tip for students is to ask questions. This way it is easier to avoid a problem completely. If you are having trouble in class, your best bet is to go to the teacher and discuss your difficulties. The teacher might not know you are having a hard time. If you don’t get something just ask.  Mr. Lippart says, “It’s a lot easier to stay ahead of the pack than to catch up.”  He also recommended that students take advantage of what they have, starting with fun events like this year’s freshman welcome party.

That it was! The last thing Mr. Lippart said was, “The more connected a class feels to each other the less drama they will experience and the more success they will achieve.” I have a feeling that the 2016 class is off to a great start.



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