From Twilight to Dawn

by Lauren


It is that time of year again: girls line up and wait until the early hours of the morning to go to the movies, dragging their boyfriends with them.  The newest Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part 2, was released on November 16th. The final film in the best-selling book series left millions of fans crying for more of their favorite characters.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 started with a recap from Part 1.  All the viewers were then startled by a new and improved vampire Bella. There is finally peace in her chaotic, adventurous life.  She can finally rest from all those crazy vampires trying to kill her. She is now a new and improved, “indestructible” Bella. The story then follows the life of her family with her husband (and vampire) Edward and her newly born half human-half vampire daughter, Renesmee.

However, this peace can’t last forever.  The Volturi, ancient vampires from Italy, go after the Cullen family after hearing a false rumor that Renesmee is an immortal child.  Fighting for their lives, the Cullens recruit other vampires from all over the world to help them. With all their new vampire friends, they intend to make the Volturi listen to the truth about Renesmee’s upbringing and avoid a fight. Along the way, Alice leaves the Cullen family along with her vampire husband, Jasper. Finally, when the time comes and the Volturi appear, Alice returns.  All together the characters make the scene exciting and bring the viewers at the edge of their seats.

When gripping your seat, don’t be surprised to see Jacob’s funny one-liners and shirtless scenes. Some scenes had the audience crying while others laughed.  There is, however, an unexpected plot twist that had the whole audience gasping.  Bill Condon, the director of both Breaking Dawn movies, wanted to put his own touch on the series. Throughout the series, each movie had a different director and style, which added to the excitement of the movie-going experience.  Condon expressed the desire to have the fans step into the world of Twilight one last time and be left breathless.

Actors Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson, along with actress Kristen Stewart, star in this film.  Lautner, the resident werewolf Jacob, played his part perfectly as he creates a deep connection with “Nessie,” Bella and Edward’s daughter. Stewart and Pattinson, as usual, maintain the great chemistry that started it all in Twilight.  All together, the cast made the end of this fantastical series believable.

Like any other girl, I love a happy ending, and that is exactly what Bill Condon gave me. His entire vision of the heartfelt love story turned out perfectly and a great setting for Bella’s first time as a vampire. This movie could have not been better. Even the reluctant friends or casual movie-goers were just as pleased as love-struck, overzealous “twi-hards.”  The difficult, long book that held so much importance and information was well-written and filmed. Bravo to the cast and crew of Breaking Dawn Part 2.


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