Mustache Mania Takes over RFH

by Jeff


Throughout the month of November, many of RFH’s teachers grew mustaches, competing to earn funds to aid victims of Hurricane Sandy and to win the title of “Mr. Mustachio.” The rules were simple enough: each participant was given the same amount of time to create a display of masculinity upon his upper lip. Jugs with photos of the participants were set up in the cafeteria. Students were told to place money in the jug designated to their favorite mustache. Whoever raised the most money won, and was crowned Mr. Mustachio. However, nobody could have predicted the lasting impact this competition would have on the very fabric of RFH’s culture.

Eleven brave souls embraced the challenge: Mr. Lippart, Mr. Hudson, Mr. Pennetti, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Componile, Mr. Lanzalotto, Mr. Margolis, Mr. Pagano, Mr. Emmich, Mr. Beatty, and Mr. Messinger. Each teacher tried to create a unique mustache that would garner the most money from students. However, due to follicular limitations and social norms, many teachers had similar mustaches. The student body found itself divided as to which mustache reigned supreme.

“Mr. Hudson has my vote,” said senior Matt Kelly, “He definitely deserves to win.” Many people disagreed.

Senior John Edler declared Margolis to be his favorite.

“Margolis takes the title hands down. 100% Risk success. Veteran mustache.”

Unfortunately for Kelly and Edler, neither of their favorite mustaches took the crown. Mr. Componile’s signature “Speak Easy” style mustache won over the hearts of many. 

On November 26, 2012, life returned back to normal.  Spouses of teachers welcomed back their clean-shaven husbands with open arms. All participants shaved their mustaches. Mr. Hudson claimed they called off the competition early because they started earlier than expected, but something tells me these teachers were looking for any excuse to shave. A month of facially derived humiliation finally came to an end.

“I’m just happy to have regular, handsome Mr. Emmich back,” senior Ben Sherman told me, “It’s been a long ‘Movember.’”

Overall, all funds went to the victims of Hurricane Sandy, a cause every RFH student can relate to. However, this was about more than the money, this was about winning. Congratulations to Mr. Componile, RFH’s Mr. Mustachio 2012.


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