Safe, Sound, and Secure

by Lauren


Beware, students of RFH, no opening the doors for anyone, even if you know who they are.

After winter break, all the students of RFH returned to school. Upon returning, during homeroom, an announcement was made. Effective that day, new security precautions would be taken to protect the student body of RFH. One of the more interesting rules was that students were not longer permitted to exit the building and walk to their classes outside.

All of these were a part of the response to the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut this past December.

“That is my worst nightmare,” stated Mrs. Handerhan, RFH principal, commenting on the situation that left 26 dead.  As an educator, Mrs. Handerhan also expressed that she had to believe that some good will have to come out of that situation, such as the fact that now schools everywhere will be more aware of how to protect its students.

Rumson-Fair-Haven-Regional-High-School3An email was sent before break warning the student body that new precautions would soon go into effect. Then, over the winter break, the staff sat down and looked at what it could do to make sure the school was the safest it could be. Luckily, before the tragedy in Connecticut, RFH signed up to be in a training seminar in Maryland that will teach some RFH advisors the most effective methods for student protection.

During the safety discussions over winter break, RFH came up with a plan. The biggest change was the students no longer permitted outside. This is reinforced by supervisors stationed in hallways and by doors at all times, making sure no one enters or exits the building without permission. Also, teachers, parents, and students will no longer be warned for evacuation or any other type of drills. Another change is that most doors will now be locked. Only the three main doors will be open in the morning for arriving to school, and then those will be locked as well.

Mrs. Handerhan was upset that some of the unique things at RFH, like walking outside, are no longer permitted. She believes, however, that safety is the number one priority, and you can never be too safe. The biggest thing to take away from all of this is that students should never let anyone inside the building. Mrs. Handerhan talked about having the nicest student population, one that would open the doors for anyone if need. Sadly now, no visitor can enter the building without signing in at the main office.

RFH has always been working on new ways to keep its students safe. Earlier this year, new room numbers were added to every room. In a case of emergency it is much easier to navigate the building. The new room numbers also go with the new phone system. When calling another school phone, the receiver’s screen will tell them the exact room that’s calling, and who is calling them.

This all sounds like a well oiled machine to me. Despite the recent school tragedy that shocked America, RFH has come out stronger and ready to protect its students. I guess you could say Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School is safe and secure.


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