Student Poems: A Day in the Life

by Billy


Morning Problems (Student)
I don’t like work, books, workbooks, or class
Halfway to school and running out of gas with no late pass
Gotta make it on time
Stop my car on the dime with no time to recline
And to the third floor I climb
I don’t like steps, but never the less
I’m climbing the hardest I confess
But before I get to class the bell rings and I’m stressed
Run in the room with heaving chest
Try to protest but the teacher knows best and puts my lies to rest
“You’re late, son. Faster is how you should move your buns.”
“Go down to the office and tell them all what you’ve done.”
I don’t like that one bit
Leave the room in a fit
Only ten seconds late and I still get hit
Just then, is when I decide to give this the slip
Walk out the back door and tell the guard my name is Skip

Morning Problems (Teacher)
I wake up with a jump
Hop out of my bed and tell my dog what’s up
She’s just a pup
Her tail starts to wag as my eyes start to sag, but I can’t fall back asleep so I grab my book bag
Got ahead of myself there, because I forgot to shower
It’d be pretty awkward if my students think I smell sour
Got less than an hour and breakfast is out of the question
Hop in my car and start speeding past pedestrians
Five miles from the school, my engine makes me a fool
I guess it didn’t think the lack of oil was cool
Had to hitchhike with a random 3rd grader on his bike
All the while I’m on the phone with my mechanic named Mike
Finally get to school ten minutes early
And my supervisor approaches with hair nice and curly
I must have been looking kind of squirrely
Asks if I’m okay and I say surely, so puts a stack of papers in my hands that was too burly
Told me that I had to grade all the papers
It took all my will power not to smack her with some staplers
Now I’m finally to my class
Students come in looking as if they’d been harassed
It’s morning so I figure that their simply gassed
Bell rings, signaling that its 7 :45
I made it here alive
Just when I’m about to pick up the attendance sheet, this kid comes running in as if he can’t control his feet
Sorry kid you’re beat
The bell didn’t save you so now you’re late
Go down to the office, I’ll let them decide your fate

If I were given a choice between a Saturday or a regular detention
I’d laugh super hard and ask for an in school suspension
Saturdays are the worst and detention barely better
Sit for 40 minutes with a magazine, and twice read every letter
Apparently it’s my fault, and I forced their hand
They don’t want to give me detention cause I come off as a nice man
Just like how I planned
Only they didn’t take mercy, despite my subtle charm
Instead of a slap on the wrist I got two bullets to the arm
At least metaphorically cause detention stinks historically
They’re sorry, see?
Too bad that there’s no sorry fee
So now it’s after hours and the school’s real empty
Is that the basketball team? Oh yea I see them real sweaty
I’m alone in detention, just me and the teacher
This is more boring than a monotone preacher
With these last words I decide to write
I’d rather be naked in the tundra trying to fly a broken kite


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