Study Hall-End of the Day Purgatory

by Josh


It’s been a very long day , you spilled coffee all over your brand new pants, and your siblings ate all of your Captain Crunch.  Then, on top of that, since you were in rush you forgot your wallet and that means no lunch 7th period . Your day has been miserable and all you want is to go home and relax. All eight of your classes are completed and as you begin walking out of school you realize the worst: you have study hall.  Now all you can do is stare at the clock until 2:40 and pray that the minutes tick by quickly.

Don’t get me wrong-a lot of students use study hall to do their work.  However, for the rest of us out there, those 42 minutes of their time  are interminable.  And really, after 8 classes it’s difficult to stay focused and do work until the end of the school day.  The Board of Education made a good choice in letting seniors have early release, so I really can’t complain anymore since I’m a senior, but I think that students in every year of high school should be able to end their day at 2:00 rather than 2:40.

It definitely is easier said than done to get study hall removed completely, but there is much room for compromise. By 9th period most students and faculty are drained and simply want to get out of school as quickly as possible.  As the last class in the day, study hall will never be truly effective. I think that study hall should be added in as 1st period and the rest of the day simply pushed backwards a period. This would give students an exceptional chance to study or finish up some work and actually make use of this time that is normally neglected when it is during 9th period.


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