Table of Contents: 2012-2013 First Edition


After a long hiataus, we’re back, dear readers!  Please join us in the first edition of our 2012-2013 school year.  Enjoy! 


Miss Howard


Hockey Lockout Ends, Hockey Commences by Billy
Hurricane Sandy: Returning to Normalcy by Emily
Believe: An Evening with Eric LeGrand by Lauren
Moustache Mania Takes Over RFH by Jeff
A Christmas Carol: A Play of Many Parts by Billy
Safe, Sound, and Secure by Lauren

Culture at Large
The Evolution of the “Boy Band” by Emily
Not Exactly in the Numbers by Emily
World AIDS Day: What Will You Do? by Emily
The Dawg Pound: An RFH Tradition by Jeff
Schedule Changes a Necessary Evil at RFH by Jeff
Freshhman Year: A New Year, a New You by Lauren
RFH’s Annual Hall Decorating Contest: A Homecoming Favorite by Emily

From Twilight to Dawn by Lauren
Technology Advancing in Schools by Myles
Video Games of Today by Myles
Reality TV: So Sick, or Sickening? by Jeff
Frank Ocean: Smart Lyrics, Great Sound by Josh

The Downfall of The Bachelor by Emily
Movie Review: The Possession by Emily
Movie Review: Rock of Ages–Ageless? by Lauren
Movie Review: Taken 2 by Billy
Review: The Office by Jeff
Movie Review: Les Miserables by Jeff
Movie Review: Flight by Josh
The NFL: To Fine or Not to Fine by Josh
Quartlies by Billy
Switching to Salads by Lauren
Flipping Over Cheerleading by Lauren

The Final Word
Study Hall–End of the Day Purgatory by Josh
Student Poems: A Day in the Life by Billy

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