Technology Advancing in Schools

by Myles


Technology may be advancing so we may do the things that we normally do in a whole new way and even differently.In this day and age, iPads may soon replace books. However, it can do a lot more, too.  It is basically a hand-held computer that’s even smaller than a laptop can be used for entertainment, businesses, family occasions, and even for school work purposes. This iPad is attractive for education because of its ability to go online, take notes, and even homework that’s required online is the reason why people prefer iPads over other computers/laptops.

Though this technological device may have several qualities that are used for several purposes; the once used devices from the past signify how our technology in schools is advancing more than we realize.

In 1972, the first scanning device known as the Scantron was invented and was able to grade multiple schools exams at the same time so teachers can easily and effectively grade their student’s test. This way the teacher can give back the test to the students quicker than it has been without the device. Today we still have that invention, but like all machines, they’re upgraded beyond its former capabilities and is even more than it once was.

In 1980, the first ever computer to be put in school.  Known as the Plato computer, it may not have been able to go on the internet like today, but the Plato Computer was able to allow someone to type an essay to be handed to their teacher. Until then, students used typewriters.  This way, students can use less paper by not making several drafts if made several mistakes.

In 1999, was first interactive white board that allows a teacher to teach a class with a large enough screen for everyone to both see and copy notes.  In 2005 was the iClicker, invented so teachers would be able to switch from one screen to the other on the white board without touching it.

From what once the most advanced piece of technology of its time, comparing it with today’s technology such as the iPad, our world’s technology is progressing rapidly. Even beyond the iPad is the iPad mini and iPad 2-3 which are updated versions of the iPad, schools would be even better with them.


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