Video Games of Today

by Myles


For years kids, teens, young adults, and even fully grown adults have played video games with friends, family, and commonly even by themselves. Though there are parents that say you should be outside being active and girlfriends and wives that say you should be spending time with them, when the time comes; the games are on.

There’s Halo 1-4, Call of Duty 1-3 & 5, Modern Warfare 1-3, Black Ops 1-2, Soul Caliber 1-4, Madden 1-13, and Battle Field 1-3. These are the most popular video games around, and include unbelievable graphics and storytelling. Any player that owns any of these games would be instantly addicted to them and be begging for more.

For instance, Dead Space1-2 and Prototype are both games that shouldn’t even be in stores because of their graphic content. In Prototype you can create blades out of your blood and slice someone else as they gush out blood. As for Dead Space, you’re a man who’s fighting aliens in a damaged space craft and if you get caught by one of the aliens on board, you’ll either get your eyes ripped out, your guts ripped out, or they’ll throw up acid-blood in your mouth as you choke to death and dissolve away. These kind of games that give simple army games with real reasons for blood a bad name and forces simple game makers to add “extra precaution”.

Around the year of 2008, stores that sell video games started to call for drivers licenses even when you look mature enough to play a game that is clearly in your age range. No matter what the case is, you are denied a video game unless permitted by another person with their own driver’s license. This is why it’s not an effective rule for teenagers that are just becoming young adults.

Let’s say, for instance, if you were eighteen years old and the worst driver in the world, where never received your driver’s license, you’re then denied a video game. Even when it’s stated by law, once you turn eighteen years old; you‘re considered an adult. So if you are able to buy something that takes paper work obtain, you have the right to buy a simple game that customers are willing to pay for in any amount from what they saved up for.

This is why there shouldn’t be blocks on the whole genre considering that not all video games are that graphic as Prototype and Dead Space. Like war games for instance: Call of Duty is a war game that shows the experience of a Marine, Navy Seal, CIA, KGB, Black Ops, Air Force, FBI, and even a Zombie as you with a amazing team that connect with as you head into battle. There are even games with less graphic content in comparison and still shielded not by kids. In Arkham City, where you play as the famous Dark Knight, a hero that every kid in America know and loves where the only introducement of blood is when someone gets punched and unseen gunshots.

Sometimes video game makers give you something called an Easter Egg that shows players hints in a video game that are a lot similar to hints in movies of what might happen in the sequel or just be telling something that we know beyond the game. For example, in the first Batman video game before Arkham City; Arkham Asylum, there was an Easter Egg where there were pictures and schematics of how the villain Hugo Strange was going to over throw the city. Also the thing that we knew beyond the game was that at first, Hugo Strange was a doctor in Arkham Asylum which he was during the game of Arkham Asylum and begins to influence the prisoners in some way. This causes players to wonder what’s he planning when we know that he’s planning something.


One Response to “Video Games of Today”

  1. thecynicalking Says:

    A good easter egg is the monkey family in Halo, that was an odd discovery for me. As for characters, I’d have to say Andrew Ryan from Bioshock is my favorite villain and Red from Pokemon is my favorite hero.

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