Atlantis: A Spring Break Favorite

by Josh


Spring break is a time that every student and teacher anticipates, and since the Rumson Fair-Haven student body was deprived of a winter break during the month of February, this year’s break will be a very appreciated time away from school.  It seems as though this year’s spring break hotspot was the Bahamas, more specifically the the Atlantis Resort . This place is extremely beautiful and has remained the most popular vacation spot during my tenure at Rumson Fair-Haven.

The Atlantis Resort is located in the Bahamas and first opened in 1998. With an average temperature between 70 and 80 degrees, you can spend nearly your entire stay outdoors, and with the countless attractions that Atlantis has, you are guaranteed a good time. The most popular attraction is the Adventure Water Park that covers a total of 141 acres and uses 200 million gallons. It has a combination of slides, a lazy river, and rapids that open into one large waterscape. The four main water slides in the water park are The AbyssThe DropThe Falls and The Surge.

Then there’s The Current which is a mile long water slide complete with waves and artificial tidal surges. Also there’s the Dig which is the resort’s aquarium located beneath one of the hotels. Hundreds of different species of fish can be found here along with varieties of sharks, manta rays and jelly fish.

Another very popular attraction is Atlantis Live, which is simply a chain of concerts hosting a slew of today’s pop icons. Taylor Swift, Justin Beiger, Katy parry, Sheryl Crow and Michael Jackson are only a handful of the big names that have made appearances here.

Personally during spring break I will be staying right here in Fair Haven, I may take a day trip or so to New York but the majority of my time will be spend at home and I’m actually happy about that. It’s nice sometimes to just stay home with your friends and enjoy some of the local attractions and that’s exactly what I plan to do. But regardless of where you travel this spring break is sure to make the most of it!



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