Restaurant Review: JR’s in Red Bank

by Josh

If you want absolutely delicious food at a reasonable price, JR’s is the place for you. Outfitted with a diverse selection of entre’s and a variety of desserts, you can easily frequent the restaurant and never lose interest.

At $6.50 for two medium sized sliders, the value is hard to beat. Some may think the price is a bit steep but the quality of the burgers is second to none so the price is more than fair.
Located on 17 west Front Street, JR’s is right in the hub of Red bank. The place has a nice, welcoming feel that is noticed upon entry.  ESPN is almost always on, which a big plus for  sports fan is looking to get the latest updates. JR’s hours run from 11 am to 4 am each and every day, so the food is available even before the break of dawn!
During my first trip to JR’s, I purchased a Original Junior which consists of 2 ground sirloin burgers with American cheese, green leaf lettuce, and burger sauce, as well as Crinkle cut fries and a small drink.  This came  to about $13. The burger was well cooked, yet flavorful, and the burger sauce  made the flavor very unique. The fries and drink were standard as expected and every facet of the meal was served in a relatively quick time frame.

Check out JR’s in Red Bank–long story short, it’s hard to beat!


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