RFH Tower Players Perform “Aida”

by Emily

On March 22-24, the Rumson-Fair Haven Regional Tower Players performed their spring musical, Aida. Written by Elton John and Tim Rice, Aida takes place in an ancient Egyptian setting.  English and Drama teacher Mrs.Sweeny directed the play, as she has been for past musicals.

The plot of Aida revolves around a Nubian princess, Aida. Aida is captured by a powerful Egyptian war captain, Radames, while their countries are at war. As Radames takes Aida under his wing as a personal servant for his fiancee, a forbidden love evolves between the two. Despite their different social statuses, Aida and Radames’ profound romance paves the way to bring peace and civility to their war ridden countries.

The elaborate costumes, tribal music, and exciting choreography made the audience feel as though they really were in ancient Egypt. Aida was extremely successful and a truly great performance by the Tower Players.

The core cast of Aida included senior Clare Fitzgerald, starring as Aida and senior Harrison Best as Radames. Both lead performers have been participating in the RFH productions since freshman year, and lit up the stage one last time in their last musical.

“I’m really happy with how Aida turned out. It was a lot of hard work and long rehearsals, but it was definitely worth it,” said Best.

For the senior cast, the final performance of Aida was bittersweet.  However, many were glad their time with the Tower Players ended on a successful note. Sophomore Julia Mosby held a lead role as Radames’ fiancee and gave a stellar performance for one of the younger Tower Players. Other roles included a washer woman, servant, model, and other minor parts played by many freshmen and upper classmen within the ensemble. After seeing the play, it was apparent that Aida took many months of preparation by all Tower Players.

“We rehearsed nearly every day, perfecting every little detail in each musical number,” said senior, Shannan Kirchner. This was Kirchner’s first year doing the spring musical, and she described the experience as strenuous but rewarding. Like Best, Kirchner was very proud of all the Tower Players, and all the dedication hard work that went into Aida.

Each intricate detail of the performance went smoothly. Of course, the play would not have been such a success without the backstage work of stage craft and tech crew. The set of the play was very complex and detailed, making it look extremely authentic. Similarly, all lighting and microphone work ran smoothly, making for awesome performances all three nights. Last, but not least, the orchestra pit led by Mr.Grillo performed all musical numbers. Pit members included students who take various music classes at RFH and have volunteered their time. It was the work contributed by these “behind the scenes” Tower Players that helped the play become such a success.

Overall, Aida was a theatrical success and was nearly sold out all three performances. Those who saw say the play would agree that the Tower Players’ countless rehearsals definitely payed off. Congratulations to the Tower Players on a wonderful performance.


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