RFH’s 2013 Talent Show Doesn’t Disappoint

by Myles


During each school year, students dedicate themselves to earning the best grades they can possibly get, and deserve something to show for it. This is something that not only entertains whoever comes sees it, but that also allows them to participate in what we know as “The Talent Show.”

For many years, RFH’s students and teachers have done their fair share to present their amazing talents and have received recognition in and out of school. Some examples of teachers in the Talent Show is history teachers Mr. Beatty and Mr. Galante, as well as foreign language teacher, Mr. Herman.  They have performed in the Talent Show for many years and continue to participate so students can see their favorite teachers show another side of their lives.

In 2011, Mr. Beatty and Mr. Emmich, another RFH teacher, performed two favored songs from the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and “Stu’s Song” from the movie, The Hangover. Their act was great and entertaining.

AT this year’s Talent Show, freshman pianist Matt Hughes performed a piano solo and sang“Mad World.” It was an incredible performance that everyone was moved by. Being able to listen to a beautiful instrument that’s not on the radio, but up close and in the auditorium, is an amazing experience to enjoy.  It allows you to appreciate the years it takes a person to master that skill, and clearly Hughes has done just that.

Though from what he has learned and practiced for many years, Matt continued to practice for many weeks to perfect his act and finally auditioned for the Talent Show. So once it was time to present, he was mentally prepared so that Mrs. Maglione and the other selection committee members could decide who could be in the Talent Show and in what order.  I, similarly, auditioned with a karate act and was able to participate in the show.

The day before the Talent Show, there was a rehearsal where everyone would practice getting on and off the stage until it became presentable to the audience. Originally, I believed being one of the participants would spoil the actual day of the Talent Show, and planned to ignore the acts. However,  everyone’s talent was so amazing that  I couldn’t keep myself from watching.  The actual day of the Talent Show would take hours; the acts taking place in the rehearsal would be cut off in the middle to save precious time. Even with this great opportunity to preserve what I hadn’t seen yet, I was disappointed from how amazing the other performers were when they had to be cut off.

As each performer went on and off the stage, I realized how great everyone’s full acts were.  I began to forget why I came to Talent Show in the first place: to win the competition!  However, I then regained my focus. With that being said, I, Myles, had won the 2013 Talent Show!  I enjoyed every part of everyone’s acts and can’t wait to see who else has something to show next year.


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