Table of Contents: 2012-2013 2nd Edition


2012-2013 2nd Edition Table of Contents


Welcome back to the Tower Review, dear readers! 

Please enjoy our 2nd edition of this year’s Tower Review class.  See you in June!

-Miss Howard


Mr. Grillo: 2013 Teacher of the Year by Jeff
This is…Teacher Jeopardy! by Jeff
RFH Tower Players Perform “Aida” by Emily
The RFH Annual Blood Drive Saves 219 Lives by Emily
RFH’s 2013 Talent Show Doesn’t Disappoint by Myles

Culture at Large
Travelling for Dummies by Lauren
Class Enrollment for Dummies by Lauren
A Night at the Oscars by Billy
Spiders: The Eight-Legged Hunters by Myles
Atlantis: A Spring Break Favorite by Josh

Girl Power Song Power Rankings by Jeff
“30 Rock” Says Goodbye by Jeff
“That 70’s Show:” Where are They Now? by Josh
What’s Down at “Downton Abbey” by Lauren
What’s in a Password by Lauren

Book Review: “Oryx and Crake” by Emily
Restaurant Review: JR’s in Red Bank by Josh
Legalizing Marajuana: Not a Good Move, America! by Alex
Review: “Game of Thrones” by Billy
Thoughts on the NFL Draft by Josh

The Final Word
Valentine’s Day: A Long Way from its Origin by Emily
Famous Williams Power Rankings by Billy


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