Thoughts on the NFL Draft

by Josh


The NFL draft is an exciting time for football fans.  During the spring season, they are left yearning for the first kickoff to come back around. Once the draft coverage begins and mock drafts begin to be thought up, fans latch on to whatever inklings of information they can find to help fill the void that the sport has left in them. Every mock draft is different and no matter how smart professional sports analysts think they are, there is no way to guarantee that their mock draft is the correct one. So knowing this you must be sure to take every draft evaluation with a grain of salt and not let them convince you that your team will undoubtedly draft a certain player. For the rest of this article I will give my analysis and mock draft of the first four picks in the 2013 NFL draft. This includes the Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville Jaguars, Oakland Raiders and the Philadelphia Eagles.

  1. With the first overall pick comes the Kansas City Chiefs, who posted a disappointing 2-14 a number which is almost embarrassing for a roster that sent a staggering six players to the pro bowl during this season? I see the Chiefs drafting Luke Joeckel out of Texas A&M. He’s a strong powerful tackle that can play on both the left and right side. It makes a lot of sense for him going #1 because he is one of the few prospects coming out this year that are viewed as a sure plug and play starter going into the 2013 season.
  2. With the 2nd pick in the draft, little is known about what the jaguars will be doing with it. Many sources have shared that Jacksonville has narrowed down their draft board to less than four people. I’m fairly confident that the Blaine Gabbert era is coming to an end and that they will be taking a quarterback with the number two overall pick. That means Geno Smith out of West Virginia will be on his way in. People say that this draft class isn’t as high quality as in years past, but with Geno posting 42 touchdown passes with a mere 4 interceptions and a 163.9 passer rating to boot, he seems more than ready to take on the challenge of being in the NFL.
  3. At number three I see the raiders picking up Sharrif Floyd out of Florida.  He’s an athletic defensive lineman that can be a three down player from day one if put in a coaching scheme that fits his style of play. The Black hole could use a pass rusher with longtime veteran Richard Seymour seemingly on his way out, Floyd would be a nice addition to a struggling defensive unit.
  4. The number four pick is one that is particularly special to me because it is held by the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles have been my team since I began following football as a sophomore in high school, and seeing them struggle posting a 4-12 record during the 2012 season was pretty upsetting. With long-time head coach out the door and now in Kansas City, there was a large amount of uncertainty with how the Eagles would look during the 2013 season. With head coach Chip Kelly, there’s a lot of anticipation to how he will try to run the team. This draft is a major part of how his regime will be viewed years to come, so he has to be sure to nail this draft pick. Line backer Dion Jordan seems like a perfect fit for Kelly’s 3-4 defensive schemes and since he played under Kelly at Oregon last year he would already be accustomed to Kelly’s fast style of play that made him so successful in the college ranks.



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