What’s in a Password

by Lauren


With all of the technology that is around today, one of the most common problems people face is forgotten passwords.  It seems that the whole world has embraced passwords even if they seem a nuisance. In reality, passwords play a key role in technology.  Why are these locking restrictions needed? What do they do, and more importantly, how can we remember them?  

Today passwords are used to keep information safe. A computer is much like a vault; inside the computer are all your important documents, pictures, and other media information that you may not necessarily want open to all eyes. For the protection of this information, a password is set into place. This acts like the vault’s combination lock, but this one is digitalized.  So in reality, a computer with a password is a computerized vault.

Many people, such as business workers, teachers, and even those super secret spies you see in movies use them.  Passwords not only unlock things now, they also help keep your computer and its files safe from viruses and computer hackers. 

Hackers today are not always after your information.  They might want to get into your emails and send letters that are not from you. They also might want to take photos on your computer.   Also, you can be held responsible for all damage that is done on your computer while it is hacked.

Computer viruses can be also very damaging for the hard drive in your computer.  Once a virus is in your computer, the virus will spread like wildfire. Then after the virus has taken over your computer, the computer will become slow, unresponsive, and may need to be replaced if not fixed.

With all the risk involving no password protection, it is much simpler to just apply a password to your computer and other information-holding files such as an email.  Once you have applied that password, you can be rest assured that your information is perfectly safe.

Choosing a password can be a little tricky.  When creating a password, you want to make one that no one can guess.  If your password was as obvious as your name, then it wouldn’t do much protecting from anyone who knows you. Here are some guidelines on creating a great password:

How to Create a Great Password:

  • Use at least 8 characters (letters, symbols, and numbers)
  • Does not use your real name, user name, or company name, or any personal information
  • Use  a combination of numbers and upper and lowercase letters
  • Get creative
  • Create one that you will remember

When making your password, being creative is not using your name with a bunch of zeros. Combine the name of an old stuffed animal with your favorite age, or your favorite movie with the number of times you have seen it.

Here is an example of a good passwords:  

  • SpiderMan8
  • Harvard101
  • GaGa247


  • Use the same passwords for multiple important accounts (such as Gmail and Banking).
  • Tell anyone else your passwords.

Now you are all set to create your own password. Follow this simple guide and your information will be as safe as a vault.


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