Meet the Staff

Tower Review Staff: 2012-2013


Emily (Senior)
I enjoy over-sized clothing, cold weather, and chicken fingers. My interests include playing taboo, kayaking, stalking celebrities, and watching re-runs of LOST. I’m a regular at Outback Steakhouse and bagel masters. Currently suffering from “senioritis” but doing my best to get by!

Jeff (Senior)
Hi my name is Jeffrey but you can call me Jeff. I’m a senior here at RFH. I love to hit up the block,  as well as watch football and basketball.

Billy (Senior)
Likes: a good story
Dislikes: ravioli

Josh (Senior)
I love to eat, listen to music, hang out with my friends, and play sports.  My favorite class that I’m taking right now is Social Cultural Analysis because I find the topics very interesting.  I am also very bad at smiling on cue.  

Myles (Freshman)

Lauren (Freshman)
Hello! I love to write, hang out with my friends and family, and go shopping. I am a fun, spirited  girl with lots of opinions. To put it in better terms, I’m a blonde girl in a blonde world.

Miss Howard (Advisor and English Teacher)
Hails From: the ‘burgh
Occupation: molder of minds
Likes: Family Guy, writing, and all things creative
Dislikes: Sparknotes, snot, and spiders


Tower Review Staff: 2011-2012

Doug (Senior)

David (Junior)
As a hobby, I enjoy reading and writing. I write primarily short stories and occasionally delve into poetry, and a few of of my favorite books belong to the Harry Potter and Hunger Games series. I aspire to be a journalistic writer in the future, and if that doesn’t work I’d like to own an independant book store. My favorite color is orange, and I’ve got three cats. I hope you enjoy reading The Tower Review!

Brooke (Junior)
I fence and horseback ride.  I enjoy listening to music, reading, and writing.

Devan (Sophomore) 
Likes: long walks on the beach, romantic movies, hanging with Ben and Jerry on the weekends…alone, TOWER REVIEW, Ravens and Patriots
Dislikes: people in general, how my only friends are Ben and Jerry, Steelers

Madeline (Sophomore)
Likes: volunteering, writing, snow, animals
Dislikes: scary movies and peanut butter
Favorite style of writing: poetry
This is my first year with the Tower Review, and I hope my contributions will make a difference!

Kaitlin (Sophomore)
I love color guard, fashion designing, and working with horses. I am a part of the marching band. I work at the Honky-Tonk Ranch with 30 ponies and 10 horses. I love who I am. Who I am is a band nerd and a cowgirl and I love that about me.

Megan (Freshman)
Things I enjoy include…
The beach, my family, daffodils, smoothies, weekends, swimming, watermelon, the radio, scary movies, sunglasses, hugs, getting mail, trust, chai tea, playing cards, vacation, sleep, clementines, sunsets, cooking, Yumi, the rain, dogs, Sands Beach Club, smiling, nail polish, Dr. Pepper, long walks, sweaters, chocolate, and being with friends.

Alexandra (Freshman)
Interests: figure skating, drama, piano, ballet, swimming, and softball
Favorite Class: Biology and Tower Review
Dislikes: people who chew loudly and complaining
Favorite Movie(s): Raising Helen, Uptown Girls, and Ghost of Girlfriends Past
Favorite Restaurant(s): Salt Creek Grille and Bangkok House
Favorite Book(s): Oedipus Rex and No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency
Favorite TV Show(s): Gossip Girl and The Good Wife
Pets: my dog, Lilly, and my bird, peachy

Miss Howard (Advisor and English Teacher)
Hails From: the ‘burgh
Occupation: molder of minds
Likes: Family Guy, writing, and all things creative
Dislikes: Sparknotes, snot, and spiders


Tower Review Staff: 2010-2011


Pat (Senior)

I really like sports and music.   And to be completely honest, I’m kind of a big deal.

Annie (Senior)

I like being outdoors, eating food, and not being bored.  I dislike waiting in line, and anything else that requires extensive amounts of patience.

Nick L. (Senior)

I’m a local Volunteer Firefighter.  I’m a senior at RFH and plan to go off to college to better my firefighting career.  I want to be fire chief some day and also become a driver of the department’s fire truck.  I am very friendly and am always willing to go the extra mile for a friend.

Mike (Senior)

I am a sports writer for the Tower Review.  I am interested in RFH sports and highlighting our student athletes’ achievements.

Peter (Junior)

I am a writer for the Tower Review.  I am also a cross country runner and rail fan.  I hope you enjoy my pieces!

Caleigh (Sophomore)

My interests are running, recycling, petting kittens, reading to the blind, saving the world, and being awkward!  My biggest fears are hide and go seek, being buried alive, and snakes.  I love watching the sunset on the ocean and eating a nice steak.  My biggest pet peeve is rude people.  D:<

Alyson (Sophomore)

Writing has, and always will be, an interest of mine.  My absolute favorite book is October Sky by Homer Hickam.  I’m always listening to music and drawing all over my hands.  There’s usually not a day that I don’t hang out with my friends.  I’m obsessed with Eminem and Mika; weird combination.  I love running, rowing, long drives, cats, Coca-Cola, Stephanie Meyer, and big sweatshirts.  I hate the beach, flower patterns, and the color pink.  And i have a weird interest in the history of Egypt.

Elsa (Sophomore)

Likes: writing, fencing, reading, spicy food, pretentious music, sci-fi.
Dislikes: whining, spiders, mayo.

Brooke (Sophomore)

I fence and horseback ride.  I enjoy listening to music, reading, and writing.

Devan (Freshman)

I enjoy good movies and music, and watching and playing sports.

Nick C (Freshman)

I love to be creative, which led me to want to write and make movies.  I write reviews, rants, and predictions on upcoming films, so if you’re looking for anything that has to do with movies, feel free to check out my section!

Kelsey (Freshman)

Likes: Hanging out with friends, going to the movies, and dogs
Dislikes: seafood, projects, and quarterlies

Miss Howard (Advisor and English Teacher)
Hails From: the ‘burgh
Occupation: molder of minds
Likes: Family Guy, writing, and all things creative
Dislikes: Sparknotes, snot, and spiders


Tower Review Staff: 2009-2010


Ali (Senior)

Name: Ali “Oh Holy”
Position:  Devoted Catholic
Occupation: CVS Cashier, Carpenter
Likes:  hanging out, magic tricks, walking on water
Dislikes:  bullies, wasps, jelly beans, Judas

Elizabeth (Senior)

My interests include sunsets, long walks on the beach, writing, and running track. I spend my summers teaching sailing at River Rats in Fair Haven. When I’m not on the river, I’m at the beach. I also like photography and singing. I’m excited about college next year; I’ve been counting down the days to graduation since September 3rd!

Jennifer (Senior)
Position:  Writer/Editor for the Tower Review
Location: New Jersey
Likes:  writing articles for the Tower Review, reading McSweeney’s and fan fiction, acting
Dislikes: negative feedback

Quinny (Senior)
My name is Quinny, a sports writer for the Tower Review.  I play hockey for the school team.  This is my fourth year on the team, and it’s one of my favorite activities.  I was born in New York City but have lived near RFH ever since I was three.  I plan to attend a liberal arts college this coming fall, and I am anxious to see where I end up.

Samantha (Senior)
I love to make lists (because I get distracted all the time), travel (although lately I rarely get the chance to), swim in the ocean, and go running. And write, of course.  I’m anticipating my college acceptances and am ready to experience someplace new, although I don’t know where that will be yet, or what I will be majoring in…

MacKenzie (Senior)
I am a writer for the School Events section of the Tower Review.  I play lacrosse and love being a member of the RFH team.  In college, I plan on majoring in Middle Eastern Studies/Women’s Rights.

Stephanie (Senior)
Name: Stephanie
Sign: Aries
Favorite Classes: 5th Period Lunch
Likes: Origami, post-it notes, pens, thinking, laughing, being weird.
Dislikes: Normal people, Styrofoam, pencils, and AM Radio.

Torri (Senior)
I guess I’d consider myself to be a creative person, which explains my love of writing. I’d boast of my athletic achievements but unfortunately don’t have many (though I played lacrosse for the first time EVER on the school team last year…*cough JV cough*) – instead I can pride myself on being a movie fanatic, avid baker and decently good listener. I’m entirely disorganized, and always late for everything, but I don’t think I’d have it any other way.  In the future I see myself doing something that feels truly fulfilling and satisfying, and something that helps people…

Hillary (Junior)
Name: Hillary
Grade: Junior
Likes: Acting, singing, dancing, writing, reading, listening to music, shows about paranormal ghost hunters, hanging out with my friends, and travel

Mark (Junior)
I play baseball and basketball.
My favorite sports teams are the Knicks, Jets, and Yankees.
My favorite topic to write about is sports and that is what I will focus on in the Tower Review.

Susanne (Junior)
I enjoy listening to music of all sorts (more specifically hard rock or metal). I love playing tennis and hanging with my friends. I also love traveling to the city and exploring and shopping. I plan to pursue journalism in college and to hopefully turn it into a career.

Sarah (Sophomore)
I’ve grown up near RFH, and now I’m treasurer of the sophomore student government, played field hockey freshman year and this fall, and participate in the Junior Cancer Society and Ronald McDonald Junior Board. In my spare time, I love spending time with my friends, listening to music, writing, and going to the beach and New York City. Since I have several interests, there are many things I want to do when I get older. I hope to be involved with journalism, but I’m also interested in science, so I hope to find a profession that incorporates both.

Dakota (Sophomore)
I am a new student this year at RFH.  I play baseball, and enjoy watching sports. I love listening to music, especially 60’s and 70’s bands (such as the Beatles, the Stones, the Doors, Bob Dylan, etc.).  I love to write for school and in my spare time, and one day hope to be a journalist for the New York Times.

Taylor (Sophomore)
Name: Taylor
Likes: leaves changing in the fall, music, getting bundled up when it’s cold out, bright colors, seasonal lattes, smiling and laughing, trying to bake, and always dressing up for Halloween.
Dislikes: deadlines, small spaces, and pens running out of ink.

Sophia (Sophomore)
I am very interested in writing, which is why I am a member of the Tower Review. I have been swimming for many years, and I am currently on the high school team. My family is big and confusing, but they are all very important to me! In my spare time I like to spend it with my friends and family, listen to music, and read. I also love to travel and try new things! I enjoy going to into the city or lazy days at the beach.

Ellie (Freshman)
Name:  Ellie
Occupation:  Goddess of Internet, Photoshop Connoisseur, Power Ranger
Location:  Ye Old Faire Haven
Enjoys:  reading, listening to music, hanging out with friends, acting, singing along loudly to the radio, dancing like a baboon on fire, watching television shows and movies, making obscure references to television shows and movies
Really Enjoys: writing
Does Not Enjoy: drama (of the friend variety, not the musical theatre variety), olives
Specialties:  all things nerdy, being awkward, Lady Gaga

Emily (Freshman)
Hi, I’m Emily and I’m a freshman at RFH. I really like writing and reading, so that’s why I joined the Tower Review. I play lacrosse on a travel team and I played soccer for school. In the summer, I love swimming and kayaking in the ocean. Some things I like are ice cream, watching movies, being outside, and writing poetry. Some things I dislike are airplanes, cats, and winter.

Amy (Freshman)
I like to play field hockey and lacrosse during the school year and I play tennis and sail during the summertime. My favorite shows are The Office and LOST and my favorite book is The Heavenly Village byCynthia Rylant.

Miss Howard (Advisor and English Teacher)
Hails From: Steeler Nation
Occupation: promotor of the Bard
Likes: Family Guy, writing, and all things Pittsburgh
Dislikes: Sparknotes, snot, and spiders

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  1. Tower Review Says:

    Way to go, RFH! This looks awesome!

  2. Tower Review Says:

    a Steelers fan….a tragedy.

  3. Jim Barbiere Says:

    Well done! The articles are interesting and entertaining. The layout is sharp; keep up the good work.

  4. Caroline Says:

    Good job! I like the way the website looks and I love the descriptions of yourselves! The hard work shows!

  5. Myrta Atkins Says:

    Hey there! I have to say I rather like Your blog, it makes for an captivating Read! I hope to see more rants etc. from you soon! Thanks!

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    There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also. Keep working ,great job!

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    I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!

  9. Minda Says:

    I took time and really read this entire edition- including all the bios. I am a RHS graduate- many years ago, and after my degree, traveling the world, getting married and settling into the great Pacific Northwest i come to realize how truly great I had things in Rumson, NJ. You all are great, bright lights who will go forth someday, and I hope you realize how impressed I am by you!

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