The 2012 Masters: A Hole in One

by Devan


Starting in 1937, the Green Jacket worn by members of Augusta National is one of golf’s most coveted items of clothing. Originating from Brooks Uniform in New York City, the jacket is worn by winners of the Masters Tournament. The winner is allowed to take home the jacket for the first year but then must return it to the Augusta National so they can wear it when they visit to play. It is a tradition that the previous winner will give the coat to the new winner. For example the 2011 winner Charl Schwaztel from South Africa gave the coat to Bubba Watson, the 2012 winner of the Masters Tournament.

During this year’s final round the 3-time winner Phil Mikelson was in between the two competitors Bubba Watson and Louis Osthuizen.  These two had to face off in the sudden death match at hole 18.  Here they both missed putts, continuing them onto the 10th hole.  Only here did Bubba Watson seal victory of the 2012 Masters Tournament.

Watson receives his coveted jacket

Osthuizen started out hole 10 with a fantastic shot landing him on the edge of the rough but still in great shape facing the green. On the other hand, Watson shot himself into the woods and  followed up with a shot through a crowd of people landing directly on the green. Right after Ostuizen shot his ball just short of the green, leaving him to a disadvantage to Watson.

The history of the Masters has many interesting aspects.  One aspect in recent years is the rise of Tiger Woods. Growing up middle class as an African American golfer was hard because of the color barrier. On the 21st of April in 1997 Woods became well known for the humiliation he graced upon some of the world’s greatest golf players. Woods shot 18 under par, the lowest score even in tournament history.




RFH Hosts 2nd Annual Save the Music Concert

by Devan


Rumson Fair Haven Regional High school hosted its 2nd annual Save the Music concert this May in the auditorium, raising money for school music programs across the country. Mrs. Maglione, a Spanish teacher and advisor of Student Government Association (SGA), helped to organize this very successful fundraiser and event.

The SGA always has different ways to raise money for different charities and fundraisers. The SGA hosted the annual talent show to raise money for the Michael J. Fox foundation and St. Jude’s Hospital. Recently the SGA hosted the Save the Music concert featuring students from the school to perform and raise awareness for this cause.

In this fundraiser, musicians of all sorts were able to perform in front of their peers, teachers, and communiy members in a concert that recognized music’s educational value.  A few students involved with this program included Ben Sherman (junior) and Glenn Wise (sophomore) who wanted to surpass last year’s fundraising goal of around $3,000. This year, however, RFH just barely fell short. The final amount of the fundraiser collected $2,031. Other acts included Josh Reed (junior), who performed a medley including “Someone Like You” by Adele. Maris Krauss (junior) performed “Story of Us” by Taylor Swift.

 Founded in 1997 as a public affairs initiative, the VH1 network created the Save The Music Foundation. The mission of this foundation is to restore instrumental music education program reassuring that every child has access to a complete knowledge of the benefits of music. Executive Vice President and General Manager of VH1 Tom Calderone is the current chairman of the Foundations Board of Directors. Inspiration for the foundation came from John Skyes’ volunteer experience as Principal for a Day at a Brooklyn, New York public school. During his duty at the school he saw first-hand how the students were conflicted with having old instruments opposed to new or restored ones.

The foundation provides grants up to $30,000 worth of new musical instruments to each public elementary school and middle school. Schools usually apply for the program that best suits their needs meaning that they could apply for a keyboard lab, guitar lab or band. No matter which package is picked the same amount of instruments are donated to the school.




The 2012 Billboard Music Awards

by Devan


The 2012 Bilboard Music Awards were held on May 20 this past spring.  Located at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, this night recognizes both music and fashion, honoring singers, songwriters, musicians, performers, and creative minds for their successes during the year.  Here is a quick recap on the night:

Top Artists:

 The top artists included many that people enjoy listening to and reading about. The always fashionable Lady Gaga was up for this award along with the iconic rapper Lil Wayne. The always enthusiastic Katy Perry was also a nominee for this category alongside the Barbados pop princess Rihanna. All the artists are full of life and love for music and their fans but one stuck out like a sore thumb: Adele. The young pop star made the top choice amoung the others as Top Artist of the Year.

Top New Artist:

Big Sean and Foster the People couldn’t be further apart in generes if they tried but they made it into the same category for Top New Artists. Scotty McCreery a country singer and Bad Meets Evil are again extremely different but seem to be in the same category. The winner of it all though was the talented Wiz Khalifa. Songs like “Roll Up” and “Black and Yellow” seemed to sky rocket this rapper into the kings spot of Top New Artist.

Top Billboard 200 Album:

Candidates to win this amazing award were: Michael Bublé  with his wonderful  Christmas Album. Drake with his new album Take Care which seems to be winning over all the ladies. Lady Gaga hit the chart with her record-breaking album Born This Way. Finally the rapper who knows how to rock a stage and guitar, Lil Wayne, was included with his album Tha Carter IV. The winner of the award was Adele with her chart-breaking record 21.

Top Touring Artist:

Many great tours have traveled around the world but these artists seem to have a special kind of spunk to get into this category. New Jersey’s own Jon Bon Jovi was a runner-up for this alongside Taylor Swift and Take That. The bassist from Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, also made the cut but the band who won it all was U2.   This Irish rock band took home the cake for Top Touring Artist.

Top Hot 100 Song:

Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” was a huge hit for the British pop star but she did not win this honorable category. Neither did the radio hit “Moves Like Jagger.”  Rather surprisingly,  Katy Perry’s smash hit “E.T” did not win it either. The Cuban rapper Pitbull did not receive the honor either. But who did? The two party rockers from LMFAO won the award for the hit “Party Rock Anthem.”

Until next year, keep listening!




Bottle Cap Drive a Success for RFH Environmental Club

by Devin


Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School is known for the charities that it supports every year for different companies, fundraisers, and others. This year one of the fundraisers led by the Environmental Club was the Bottle Cap Drive. Jessie Yorke, Torri Hutner, and Meghan Drastal are all junior officers who went above and beyond with this charity. Mrs. Pagano, as well as Mrs. Laviola, both science teachers at RFH, are the advisors of the club. The two teachers and all their pupils in the club have a goal.

This goal is met by the club always following their mission statement: “Actively engage in efforts to promote awareness about environmental issues and foster good stewardship practices within our  school and community.”

This fundraiser was established to raise money for a young man who recycles the bottle caps to support diabetes research. Each lunch was assigned a bin in the cafeteria, and for 2 weeks, each period was meant to collect as many bottle caps as possible.  The lunch period that collected the most caps received free cookies on Friday March 2nd.

After the drive’s final day, the winning lunch was 5th period.  The members of the Environmental Club felt that the drive was a success, and were happy to assist in diabetes research and funding.


Dr. Seuss: A Legacy of Rhyme and Whimsy

by Devin


Read Across America, held each year on March 2nd, marks the birth of Dr. Seuss by encouraging young children to read.  This year, the Storytelling Club, advised by Mrs. Kaplan, travelled to Red Bank Elementary School to read stories to small children.  The Lorax, an allegory about taking care of the environment, was his year’s story of focus, in part because of the recent release of the film version. 

The 2012 Storytelling Club

Dr. Seuss is a man that almost all children have grown up knowing, and we each have our favorite story.  Some of us laugh at the curious antics of The Cat in the Hat, while others enjoy the maniacal man grene monster whose heart grows 3 sizes in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.  Whatever your favorite, Dr. Seuss has found a way to influence you and inspire a love of reading. 

However, as I reflected upon this day, I also began to wonder about the man behind the persona. 

Dr. Seuss was born Theodor Seuss Geisel in 1904 on March 2 in Springfield, Massachusetts.  His main influence was his mother. When he was little she would often “chant” rhymes remembered from her youth. Many of his books are also inspired by his hometown of Springfield. As a teen, Seuss attended Dartmouth College and became editor-in-chief of the Jack-O-Latern, a humor magazine at Dartmouth.  During the time that he was there ,Seuss managed to get into some trouble.

Due to some disciplinary actions, he began to sign “Seuss” on his pieces so the administration wouldn’t identify him as the author. After Dartmouth, Seuss ventured to Oxford University to begin studying, became bored with his studies, and went to study abroad in Europe.

As Seuss became older he wanted to join the army so he could go to war in WWII. He was too old to draft into the war so he made training movies instead. While making the movies, he was introduced to the art of animation and developing illustrations. Seuss also continued to work with Life, Vanity Fair, Judge, and other magazines.

After he began to get noticed, he wrote and illustrated his first book entitled And to Think I Saw It on Mulberry Street. This book was rejected 27 times before it became published. However, it was the book The Cat in the Hat caused Dr. Seuss’s career to skyrocket. The Sneetches, an earlier book, was again inspired by his hometown of Springfield. The truck driver in this book was most likely inspired by the Knox tractor he saw as a young boy in the streets of his birthplace.

Dr. Seuss has encouraged many directors to make movies, beginning with the 1953 movie The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T. The movie follows the same lines as The Wizard of Oz. Newer movies that may be noticeable How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Cat in the Hat, The Lorax, and Horton Hears a Who.

Dr. Seuss has motivated many people across the world. An author who went through endless editing and writing jobs became one of the most popular writers.  Happy reading, America!


Photograph courtesy of Mrs. Kaplan


Bullying Policy Upgrade at RFH

by Devan


The administration of Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School has stepped up to the plate with New Jersey’s recent bullying legislation.  RFH has always responded to bullying with necessary precautions and consequences, but beginning in September, additional measures will be taken to ensure that RFH is a school of respect and consideration.

New Jersey’s new law states that all schools must have anti-bullying rules established, as well as a protocol for reporting and investigating acts of harassment, intimidation, and bullying.  Administrators, including Vice Principal Lanzalotto, have responded to this new legislation with full support.

Tyler Clementi committed suicide after being bullied

“Anything helping kids and allowing them to come to school every day is a fantastic idea, ” Lanzalotto stated.

The state’s goal is to keep every child comfortable and safe in school.  However, some question the level to which this invades students’ privacy, as well as their right to it.  Others, still, believe that these steps are not enough.

Regardless, students will be held accountable for their actions at RFH.   “You are accountable for your actions and those should be a loud to question,” commented Lanzalotto.

Mr. Lippart, a guidance councelor at RFH, is working with Mr. Lanzalotto to investigate acts of bullying within the school.  However, other measures are being taken to cultivate this community of respect.  During Respect Week, tickets were distributed to all grade levels as well as faculty and staff. These tickets were used as a way to quantify and reward students’ respectful actions during the week.  The most respectful student and staff member were honored and rewarded for their behavior.

Respect Week, and other initiatives taken by schools across New Jersey, have partially been a response to recent and devestating consequences due to school bullying.  For example, Rutgers student Tyler Clementi committed suicide last year after being bullied for his sexual orientation.   At a conference with the First Lady last March, President Obama stated he was going to take action and make it a country-wide law for every state to follow.

When asked why this was so important, the President responded, “Because it’s something that happens a lot, and it’s something that’s always been around, sometimes we’ve turned a blind eye to the problem. We’ve said ‘Kids will be kids.’ And so sometimes we overlook the real damage that bullying can do,” he said.

Yes, some students may think Respect Week is silly and will not  do anything ,but we must remain optimistic.  New Jersey is one of the first states to embrace this legislation in the hope that  other states will follow in our footsteps.

Do your part-learn more, and help educate others.





‘Footloose:’ Not Quite the Original

by Devan


The new Footloose was a box office gold ticket.  Relesased in September this year, the film met some opposition, as it was a remake of the 1980’s favorite staring Kevin Bacon and Lori Singer, and John Lithgow.  However, it rose to the challenge and was a success.

Julianne Hough plays Ariel Moore, a preacher’s daughter in a small town where dancing is forbidden.  The rebellious Ren MacCormack, played by Kenny Wormwald, moves to the town from Bostom, massachusetts and stirs things up just in time for the senior prom.

Some positives to this movie was the dancing and acting.  The dancing was spot-on and showed much enthusiam.   It stayed true to the original, and matched it in excitement.  The movie in itself was good; it was similar to the original in more than one way. Many of the scenes are the like the original film,  including the actors’ wardrobes.

While the film was a success, there were some elements I found disappointing.  The accents were flat and lacked realism.  Wormald’s Boston accent, for instance, was unsuccessfully portrayed.  Watching Hough was equally difficult because she doesn’t have the southern accent that other characters do.  This was equally frustrating because the southern atmosphere established by the setting was well done.

Overall the movie was fantastic and had many interesting compliments toward the original.  While it is no longer in theaters, it will be worth renting OnDemand and from Netflix in the upcoming months.