RFH’s 2013 Talent Show Doesn’t Disappoint

by Myles


During each school year, students dedicate themselves to earning the best grades they can possibly get, and deserve something to show for it. This is something that not only entertains whoever comes sees it, but that also allows them to participate in what we know as “The Talent Show.”

For many years, RFH’s students and teachers have done their fair share to present their amazing talents and have received recognition in and out of school. Some examples of teachers in the Talent Show is history teachers Mr. Beatty and Mr. Galante, as well as foreign language teacher, Mr. Herman.  They have performed in the Talent Show for many years and continue to participate so students can see their favorite teachers show another side of their lives.

In 2011, Mr. Beatty and Mr. Emmich, another RFH teacher, performed two favored songs from the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and “Stu’s Song” from the movie, The Hangover. Their act was great and entertaining.

AT this year’s Talent Show, freshman pianist Matt Hughes performed a piano solo and sang“Mad World.” It was an incredible performance that everyone was moved by. Being able to listen to a beautiful instrument that’s not on the radio, but up close and in the auditorium, is an amazing experience to enjoy.  It allows you to appreciate the years it takes a person to master that skill, and clearly Hughes has done just that.

Though from what he has learned and practiced for many years, Matt continued to practice for many weeks to perfect his act and finally auditioned for the Talent Show. So once it was time to present, he was mentally prepared so that Mrs. Maglione and the other selection committee members could decide who could be in the Talent Show and in what order.  I, similarly, auditioned with a karate act and was able to participate in the show.

The day before the Talent Show, there was a rehearsal where everyone would practice getting on and off the stage until it became presentable to the audience. Originally, I believed being one of the participants would spoil the actual day of the Talent Show, and planned to ignore the acts. However,  everyone’s talent was so amazing that  I couldn’t keep myself from watching.  The actual day of the Talent Show would take hours; the acts taking place in the rehearsal would be cut off in the middle to save precious time. Even with this great opportunity to preserve what I hadn’t seen yet, I was disappointed from how amazing the other performers were when they had to be cut off.

As each performer went on and off the stage, I realized how great everyone’s full acts were.  I began to forget why I came to Talent Show in the first place: to win the competition!  However, I then regained my focus. With that being said, I, Myles, had won the 2013 Talent Show!  I enjoyed every part of everyone’s acts and can’t wait to see who else has something to show next year.


Spiders: The Eight-Legged Hunters

by Myles


Spiders may be the most terrifying species on earth; no one wants anything to do with them.  However, they’re actually one of the most interesting. As for those who don’t care for spiders, they may not know or even understand their interesting qualities. Like Daddy Long Legs, for example.

Daddy Long Legs are most commonly considered spiders that don’t instinctively harm humans. As usual, people that do not understand spiders are corrected. Two experts by the names of Danielle and Noel from lhric.org, they found out that Daddy Long Legs are not spiders because they have six eyes instead of eight. Not only that, Daddy Long Legs are 1-20 mm in body length and 0.04 to 0.9 inches in length. Though being very small, Daddy Long Legs are venomous creatures.

In 2004, the TV show Myth Busters examined the myth regarding the effects of being bitten by a Daddy Long Leg. Many people believe that these spiders’ venom is the most poisonous, but that their teeth are not strong enough to puncture human skin.  One of the cast members were bitten by a single Daddy Long Leg. Though the “victim” reported mild burns in the punctured area, the pain quickly disappeared, just as it does with smaller insects that are bitten. This disproved this myth. The venom does affect an animal/human, but doesn’t cause death. Another interesting quality is the spider’s web.

Spider webs are the most common identifier of a spider’s presence. As many know, spiders construct their web or otherwise known as silk; they are common in areas of being strung are trees, bushes, blades of grass, and homes. They’re able to do this is by producing chains of amino acids, primarily glycine and alanine. Spider webs are five times stronger than steel and can stretch 30% longer than its original length. The reason how it can be so strong and flexiable, because from how quickly and tightly the silk is strung. This technique is what causes the webbing to be so strong and is why their prey have a hard time trying to escape.

There are many types of spider webs; funnel webs made by arachnids for tunnel-like habitats, orb webs that insects fly into, sheet webs made by Linyphiidae for capturing animals, and cobwebs made by cobweb spiders for capturing their prey inside homes. So anywhere spiders go, they create their nest completely made out of silk that are not only used for trapping their prey, but also living in the very spot their prey is tangled in.

On August 6, 2007, at Lake Tawakoni Park, rangers, who had been absent for two weeks, returned to find that the entire park was covered with several web sheets. The trees, bushes, and ground were covered. The webs that were tangling trees, the ground, and especially the bushes were intended to trap the animals in the forest. Web sheets have two layers; the first layer isn’t as sticky as the second layer, but its purpose is to scare animals into thinking they’re caught so they’ll break the layer into the sticky second layer. From here they are easier prey.

With webs strong enough to capture animals practically our size, spiders dramatically affect most people, resulting in Arachnophobia. Arachnophobia is an overwhelming fear of spiders in which even the sight of an empty web could cause panic.  However, there are also many cultures that love spiders and consider them a natural resource. Many Europeans ate them as much the French eat snails. So with spiders being so popular in so many ways, where does their reign of terror and deliciousness begin and end?

In Greek Mythology, there was a beautiful woman named Arachne who loved to weave tapestries. Her work was adored by others so much that she became arrogant and boastful. So she announced that she was the greatest weaver in the world, even better than the goddess Athena. Such a comment not only insulted Athena, but also the other Gods. So when Athena heard, she came down from Mount Olympus and threatened to kill Arachne. Though as she began to strike, Arachne offered Athena one of her best carpets and suprisingly changed the Goddess’s mind. Instead of killing Arachne, Athena challenged her to a weaving contest to see if Arachne’s comment was true.

The victor was no other than Arachne who not only won, but even impressed Athena. However, because she challenged the gods, Arachne was punished by Athena with the company of Zeus and turned her into what was once known as an insect, but is now known as a spider today. Today spiders are not known as insects or bugs, where we named the species “Arachnid” from the woman who challenged the gods.

There are many reasons to respect spiders.  First of all, they’re actually important to us humans. Without spiders, places that have crops with a large amount of vegetation would be consumed by insects, because they wouldn’t have a predator to prevent them from eating food primarily for humans. Most importantly, spiders are a form of protectors. As there are insects that like to bite humans for our blood, spiders can isolate insects away from us.


Technology Advancing in Schools

by Myles


Technology may be advancing so we may do the things that we normally do in a whole new way and even differently.In this day and age, iPads may soon replace books. However, it can do a lot more, too.  It is basically a hand-held computer that’s even smaller than a laptop can be used for entertainment, businesses, family occasions, and even for school work purposes. This iPad is attractive for education because of its ability to go online, take notes, and even homework that’s required online is the reason why people prefer iPads over other computers/laptops.

Though this technological device may have several qualities that are used for several purposes; the once used devices from the past signify how our technology in schools is advancing more than we realize.

In 1972, the first scanning device known as the Scantron was invented and was able to grade multiple schools exams at the same time so teachers can easily and effectively grade their student’s test. This way the teacher can give back the test to the students quicker than it has been without the device. Today we still have that invention, but like all machines, they’re upgraded beyond its former capabilities and is even more than it once was.

In 1980, the first ever computer to be put in school.  Known as the Plato computer, it may not have been able to go on the internet like today, but the Plato Computer was able to allow someone to type an essay to be handed to their teacher. Until then, students used typewriters.  This way, students can use less paper by not making several drafts if made several mistakes.

In 1999, was first interactive white board that allows a teacher to teach a class with a large enough screen for everyone to both see and copy notes.  In 2005 was the iClicker, invented so teachers would be able to switch from one screen to the other on the white board without touching it.

From what once the most advanced piece of technology of its time, comparing it with today’s technology such as the iPad, our world’s technology is progressing rapidly. Even beyond the iPad is the iPad mini and iPad 2-3 which are updated versions of the iPad, schools would be even better with them.


Video Games of Today

by Myles


For years kids, teens, young adults, and even fully grown adults have played video games with friends, family, and commonly even by themselves. Though there are parents that say you should be outside being active and girlfriends and wives that say you should be spending time with them, when the time comes; the games are on.

There’s Halo 1-4, Call of Duty 1-3 & 5, Modern Warfare 1-3, Black Ops 1-2, Soul Caliber 1-4, Madden 1-13, and Battle Field 1-3. These are the most popular video games around, and include unbelievable graphics and storytelling. Any player that owns any of these games would be instantly addicted to them and be begging for more.

For instance, Dead Space1-2 and Prototype are both games that shouldn’t even be in stores because of their graphic content. In Prototype you can create blades out of your blood and slice someone else as they gush out blood. As for Dead Space, you’re a man who’s fighting aliens in a damaged space craft and if you get caught by one of the aliens on board, you’ll either get your eyes ripped out, your guts ripped out, or they’ll throw up acid-blood in your mouth as you choke to death and dissolve away. These kind of games that give simple army games with real reasons for blood a bad name and forces simple game makers to add “extra precaution”.

Around the year of 2008, stores that sell video games started to call for drivers licenses even when you look mature enough to play a game that is clearly in your age range. No matter what the case is, you are denied a video game unless permitted by another person with their own driver’s license. This is why it’s not an effective rule for teenagers that are just becoming young adults.

Let’s say, for instance, if you were eighteen years old and the worst driver in the world, where never received your driver’s license, you’re then denied a video game. Even when it’s stated by law, once you turn eighteen years old; you‘re considered an adult. So if you are able to buy something that takes paper work obtain, you have the right to buy a simple game that customers are willing to pay for in any amount from what they saved up for.

This is why there shouldn’t be blocks on the whole genre considering that not all video games are that graphic as Prototype and Dead Space. Like war games for instance: Call of Duty is a war game that shows the experience of a Marine, Navy Seal, CIA, KGB, Black Ops, Air Force, FBI, and even a Zombie as you with a amazing team that connect with as you head into battle. There are even games with less graphic content in comparison and still shielded not by kids. In Arkham City, where you play as the famous Dark Knight, a hero that every kid in America know and loves where the only introducement of blood is when someone gets punched and unseen gunshots.

Sometimes video game makers give you something called an Easter Egg that shows players hints in a video game that are a lot similar to hints in movies of what might happen in the sequel or just be telling something that we know beyond the game. For example, in the first Batman video game before Arkham City; Arkham Asylum, there was an Easter Egg where there were pictures and schematics of how the villain Hugo Strange was going to over throw the city. Also the thing that we knew beyond the game was that at first, Hugo Strange was a doctor in Arkham Asylum which he was during the game of Arkham Asylum and begins to influence the prisoners in some way. This causes players to wonder what’s he planning when we know that he’s planning something.