Table of Contents: 2012-2013 2nd Edition


2012-2013 2nd Edition Table of Contents


Welcome back to the Tower Review, dear readers! 

Please enjoy our 2nd edition of this year’s Tower Review class.  See you in June!

-Miss Howard


Mr. Grillo: 2013 Teacher of the Year by Jeff
This is…Teacher Jeopardy! by Jeff
RFH Tower Players Perform “Aida” by Emily
The RFH Annual Blood Drive Saves 219 Lives by Emily
RFH’s 2013 Talent Show Doesn’t Disappoint by Myles

Culture at Large
Travelling for Dummies by Lauren
Class Enrollment for Dummies by Lauren
A Night at the Oscars by Billy
Spiders: The Eight-Legged Hunters by Myles
Atlantis: A Spring Break Favorite by Josh

Girl Power Song Power Rankings by Jeff
“30 Rock” Says Goodbye by Jeff
“That 70’s Show:” Where are They Now? by Josh
What’s Down at “Downton Abbey” by Lauren
What’s in a Password by Lauren

Book Review: “Oryx and Crake” by Emily
Restaurant Review: JR’s in Red Bank by Josh
Legalizing Marajuana: Not a Good Move, America! by Alex
Review: “Game of Thrones” by Billy
Thoughts on the NFL Draft by Josh

The Final Word
Valentine’s Day: A Long Way from its Origin by Emily
Famous Williams Power Rankings by Billy


Legalizing Marajuana: Not a Good Move, America!

by Alex


A wise man once said, “If the people cannot trust the government to do the job for which it exists—to protect them and promote their common welfare—all else is lost” (Barack Obama).

Legalizing the use of medicinal or recreational marijuana, I believe, will do exactly this.

Medicinal marijuana, without a doubt, has many positive benefits, such as helping and relieving those undergoing cancer chemotherapy or those suffering from AIDS, asthma, pain and muscle spasms, and glaucoma. However, legalizing marijuana cannot be seen as a value to our country when the risks outweigh the benefits.

If a government’s sole purpose is to protect its people and not expose them to risks, how can it legally endorse the production and distribution of a drug that has proven to be dangerous and is still considered immoral by a majority of the population?

The medical risks of marijuana include loss of brain cells, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, energy loss, impaired thinking, and blood vessel blockage. This drug has also been found to contain up to 100% more tar than found in tobacco and often is laced with other, more harmful drugs without the smoker’s knowledge. A government, whose job is to protect its citizens, cannot, in good conscience, allow these citizens to risk their health and lives with the use of marijuana, legal or not.

However, many supporters of legalizing marijuana question a government’s right to intervene in an individual’s free will, in their private decision of choosing whether or not to use marijuana. But a government, when it forbids its citizens from taking this drug, is not actually taking away their free will but protecting it. Drugs, such as marijuana, are addictive. Once an individual tries it once, whether this be for recreational or medicinal purposes, they no longer have the ability to make a rational decision of whether to continue to take the drug. They are addicted. Even users of “soft drugs” like marijuana can experience both a physical dependence on them, and withdrawal.

Besides harming just the smoker, the use of marijuana can also negatively impact others. Statistics link marijuana use to both crimes and car accidents. Children can even suffer the consequences through neglect by drug-addicted parents. A “medicine” that has such potential detriments to both the user and innocent third-party members cannot be seen as a medicine at all.

The last, probably most dangerous, side effect of legalizing marijuana is an increase in drug use. The Gateway Theory depicts how smoking marijuana can often lead to the usage of harder, more dangerous drugs. Gabriel Nicholas, a marijuana prohibitionist, describes its dangers: “it appears that the biochemical changes induced by marijuana in the brain result in drug-seeking, drug taking behavior, which in many instances will lead the user to experiment with other pleasurable substances. The risk of progression from marijuana to cocaine to heroin is now well documented.”

Legalizing this drug will also send the message to many that drug use is acceptable and safe, a statement that is far from the truth. Permitting a dangerous drug to be dispensed legally, even if only for medicinal use, undoubtedly allows easier access for people to recreationally use and abuse it. Adolescents are most at risk to believe this message and suffer the effects from marijuana, such as delaying emotional development and puberty. Our country cannot afford to take these risks.

Many words can be used to describe marijuana: fun, amusing, dangerous, medicinally beneficial, immoral, and most importantly, illegal, and that is how it should stay. As journalist George Will comments, “There is no reason to think today’s levels of [drug] addiction are anywhere near the levels that would be reached under legalization.” No one is certain if this is true, but I for one, do not wish to find out.  


Table of Contents: 2012-2013 First Edition


After a long hiataus, we’re back, dear readers!  Please join us in the first edition of our 2012-2013 school year.  Enjoy! 


Miss Howard


Hockey Lockout Ends, Hockey Commences by Billy
Hurricane Sandy: Returning to Normalcy by Emily
Believe: An Evening with Eric LeGrand by Lauren
Moustache Mania Takes Over RFH by Jeff
A Christmas Carol: A Play of Many Parts by Billy
Safe, Sound, and Secure by Lauren

Culture at Large
The Evolution of the “Boy Band” by Emily
Not Exactly in the Numbers by Emily
World AIDS Day: What Will You Do? by Emily
The Dawg Pound: An RFH Tradition by Jeff
Schedule Changes a Necessary Evil at RFH by Jeff
Freshhman Year: A New Year, a New You by Lauren
RFH’s Annual Hall Decorating Contest: A Homecoming Favorite by Emily

From Twilight to Dawn by Lauren
Technology Advancing in Schools by Myles
Video Games of Today by Myles
Reality TV: So Sick, or Sickening? by Jeff
Frank Ocean: Smart Lyrics, Great Sound by Josh

The Downfall of The Bachelor by Emily
Movie Review: The Possession by Emily
Movie Review: Rock of Ages–Ageless? by Lauren
Movie Review: Taken 2 by Billy
Review: The Office by Jeff
Movie Review: Les Miserables by Jeff
Movie Review: Flight by Josh
The NFL: To Fine or Not to Fine by Josh
Quartlies by Billy
Switching to Salads by Lauren
Flipping Over Cheerleading by Lauren

The Final Word
Study Hall–End of the Day Purgatory by Josh
Student Poems: A Day in the Life by Billy

Table of Contents: 2011-2012 4th Edition


Take a load off; it’s summer!

Thank you, dear readers, for another year!  This year’s staff would like you to enjoy the summer, and wishes next year’s class the best of luck!  Until then, and as always, happy reading!


Miss Howard


Culture at Large
Creative Contributors
A Fractured Fairytale: ‘The Truth of a Lie
Weird New Jersey: The Marlboro Haunted Mental Hospital by Brooke
AP Tests: May Stress by Alexandra
What Has Happened to Our World? by Alexandra
How Sweet It Is: The First Paycheck by Kaitlin

Paint the Town Pink 2012 by Megan
Talent Show Aims to Please and Succeeds by Brooke
RFH Hosts 2nd Annual Save the Music Concert by Devan
The 2012 Masters: A Hole in One by Devan
RFH Book Drive: Helping a World Without Literature by Alexandra
RFH Dress Drive Helps Those in Need by Megan

CD Review: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros by David
The Magical Pottermore by Madeline
The 2012 Billboard Music Awards by Devan

Old Rumson Homes: Keeping the Town’s Beauty by Alexandra
Review: ‘The Raven’ by Brooke
An Ever-Changing Environment: RFH School Rules by Megan
OBE’s: Something to Experience by Brooke
The Problem with Whaling by Kaitlin

The Final Word
Perspectives Part III: Last Day of School by Megan
An Open Letter to Pollen by Doug
The Fairies: An Original Fairy Tale by Kaitlin




Creative Contributions

by various RFH student writers


Flash Fiction

He was always in love with her. She taught he was charming. Their first date was a disaster; he knew he blew it. After weeks of not talking, he finally got the courage to talk to her. “Sarah, I’m sorry about our date.” Before she could reply, he kissed her. Sarah’s twin sister smiled.


The Prison Break
John broke the last piece of wall in his prison cell, and jumped through it, and landed on the ground, and burrowed under the barb wire fence, and sprinted past the spotlights and sirens, and hijacked a car and drove to the next state. It was the longest sentence he ever endured.


What the hell?
He never really knew his father that well; he was only a young boy when he died. It was about time for a reunion though. The man’s silhouette slowly appeared in his vision.
“Welcome, son.”
“Is this, is this heaven?”
He remembered his dad was a lawyer. Crap.


The colors reminded him of her eyes, her hair, her everything. Who knew a museum gave him so much pleasure. The painting as magnificent as it was; could not compare to her. She was his sun; the painting was only a flame. But she was out of his reach behind red rope, like the painting.


The meat was juicy and tender. He licked his fingers clean after each bite he tore from the bone. The urge he needed to suppress; his wife wouldn’t let him do it. Feeling full, he threw the leg down on the countertop. His wife came in.
“Honey, where’s Michael? He’s not in his crib.”



Ode to the Sky
The colors that fill you, fill me with delight
You are a canvas of colors, a captivating sight
The colors you possess, entrances my eyes
You’ve got a clear blue painted on you
And sometimes your pink, orange, and purple too
I love to stare at you either in the morning or near the night
Sunrise and sunset you are always such a pretty sight
Oh sky, I have no idea what I’d do,
If I couldn’t at least spend a minute taking a glance at you
When I look up and see you, the wonderful sky,
I take a picture and some wonder why
But every day you look a little different to me
The clouds that span across you
Are amazing to see
A life without a sky
Would be a boring life indeed.

A Fractured Fairytale: ‘The Truth of a Lie’

Student Submission


Once upon a time in a far away land, lived a girl. She had beautiful blonde locks and lived with her step sisters and step mother.  I bet you already know who I am talking about.  Come on her name starts with a “C” and ends with an “a”.  It’s Cruella. No, that’s not what you were thinking?  Shocker.  It’s probably because you feel like you’ve heard this story before, don’t worry I’m not trying to give you a bad case of de ja vu.  I’m just trying to set the facts straight. You see, I’m one of Cruella’s step sisters.  We live in a beautiful land with crystal clear waters and perfectly green grass everywhere you walk.  This place looks perfect from the outside but little do most know the lies that lurk the inside.  Maybe I should just start at the beginning.

My hard-working mother has been taking care of Cruella ever since she was a little girl, but she was never good at getting along with others.  She always played tricks on me and my sister.  Whenever we offered to introduce her to our friends she made fun called us.  She was always lying to us and making us do her chores and bossing us around, thinking she could have complete control over us if she really wanted to.

Cruella had a thing about pretending she was something she’s not.  She wanted people’s attention, good or bad.  She lied so much that she didn’t even know when she was telling the truth.  One day she took all the rags she could find around the house and went up to the attic with a broom stick and started singing to animals.  I swear the girl was going crazy up there.

“Cruella?” I asked from the top of the stairs “Mom wants to know if you want to come down for dinner.”

“I’m busy here, Lucinda.  Can’t you see that?” She snapped back.

“All right, well I’ll save you some.”  I decided.

“My dear, Lucinda, will you ever learn.  That when I do not want something I do not care to receive it, and when I do decide I want something, trust me, I will get it.”  I backed away slowly down the stairs after hearing that.

Yes, I know what you’ve heard; that Cruella went to a ball in a pumpkin carriage.   Wearing a beautiful gown, which she received from a fairy godmother, fell in love with a prince, and left her poor little glass shoe on the steps.  That may have happened but did she tell you that the reason she received that fairy godmother was because she practiced these spells creating her? She carved the pumpkin herself, and slipped out of that shoe all on her own; manipulating the prince to come after her.

Don’t worry this story turns into one with a happy ending.  Once I explained all of this to Prince Charming he was completely shocked and that naïve fool came running to me for comfort where we lived happily ever after, see every fairytale has a happy ending and don’t worry  Cinderella, I mean, forget it, maybe I am the evil one.

Table of Contents: Spring Edition 2012


Tower Review Spring Edition 2012


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RFH Honors Mrs. Fitzgerald as Teacher of the Year by Brooke
‘Jekyll and Hyde:’ A Spring Musical by Megan
RFH Blood Drive Saves 300 Lives by Megan
Summer Enrichment Program: A Chance to Continue Education by Davd
Bottle Cap Drive a Success for RFH Environmental Club by Devin
Dr. Seuss: A Legacy of Rhyme and Whimsy by Devin
Monmouth County SPCA Adotables by Madeline
A Westminster Dog Show Experience by Madeline

Culture at Large:
Weird NJ: Whipporwill Valley Road by Brooke
SOPA and PIPA: Acronyms Against Free Information by Alexandra
The National Cathedral: On Its Way Back to Stardom by Alexandra
Perspectives: Spring Break by Megan

Saying Good Bye to ‘One Tree Hill’ by Brooke
Titanic: The One Hundred Year Anniversary by Kaitlin
Naviance: A Site for College and Life Info by Kaitlin

‘The Hunger Games:’ All That It Looked to Be? by David
Van Gogh Up Close: An Exhibit Not to be Missed by Alexandra
Rumson-Fair Haven Turkeys: A Fight for Survival by Alexandra
Kitten Season is Fast Approaching by Madeline
Modern Day Fairytale: Real, or Make Believe? by Kaitlin

The Final Word:
An Open Letter to the Winter of 2011 by Megan
An Open Letter to Prom by Brooke
The Holiday Behind St. Patrick’s Day by Doug