This is…Teacher Jeopardy!

by Jeff


Millions of Americans turn on their TV’s to watch the hit trivia show Jeopardy every night. On Thursday, February 28, over 100 people packed into the RFH auditorium to watch Teacher Jeopardy, which was hosted by the Social Justice Club. The whole event was the brain child of Ms. Burke, head of the club and Jeopardy enthusiast.

A preliminary set of Jeopardy questions were sent out via email for all teachers willing to compete in the event. Teachers were sorted by department, and the two highest department averages were selected to partake in the competition. The three highest scores from the winning departments represented their departments in the actual event.

The participants from the history department were Mr. Beatty, Mr. Emmich, and Ms. Lerner. The participants from the science department were Ms. Foster, Mr. Pennetti, and the legendary Mr. Margolis. In addition to the two winning departments, an “All-star” team of teachers was assembled, comprised of Ms. Flecca, Ms. Hansen, and Ms. Flanagan. After this collection of talent came together, the competition was ready to commence.

The Social Justice Club divided up into different committees and worked tirelessly to prepare for this event. Ms. Burke and some students formed a question committee to write the actual questions the teachers would be asked during the competition, while other members of the club focused on advertising and concessions.

The competition was a hit among both students and teachers. Mr. Wilson and Ms. Okeson served as the hosts for the event, and they certainly did not disappoint. They kept the audience laughing while the contestants answered a slew of difficult questions. There was a diverse array of categories, such as photography, classical music (which seemed to stump most teachers), 2000 Census data, and superheroes.

The “Final Jeopardy” category was “Greek Gods and Goddesses.” The question asked which Ancient Greek deity was depicted on many early Olympic gold medals. Think the answer is Athena? Well sadly, you, as well as the rest of the teachers, are incorrect. The correct answer was Nike, the goddess of victory.

Despite losing the Final Jeopardy question, the history department was able to maintain their early lead and hold on to become the victors of the first annual Teacher Jeopardy competition. However, the real winner was Pratham, an organization that promotes literacy in impoverished areas of India. The event raised over $570 to help their cause. On top of all this, many RFH students had a great time.

“I thought it was a lot of fun! It was interesting to see RFH’s intelligent teachers compete in Jeopardy style play,” said senior Andrew Faett.

“Exhilarating… A gut-busting, fun-filled event for the whole family,” said senior Julia Imperatore, “It was one of the most spectacular, exciting evenings in all my four years at RFH. I hope to see many more events like this.”

Overall, Teacher Jeopardy was an enormous success. However, the Social Justice Club is looking for ways to make it even better next year. Club member Elizabeth Bricker says that there will hopefully be a student team involved next year. Additionally, the club might consider adding categories that apply to RFH, such as teacher backgrounds. An example of this would be “this teacher was born in the year ______” or “this teacher graduated from ______.” The sky is the limit for this great new fundraiser.